Remembering the World Now and After

I often find myself wondering,

If there is something more out there,

For me,

For us,

But then I remember,

That we all die,

And that life goes on without us,

And it ruins me,

It tears me apart knowing,

That I can’t be a part of the world ahead of us,

It kills me when I think about the abyss,

The idea of nothingness after death,

Is really one of the only things that scares me,

It’s terrifying,

And then I remember,

Life goes on,

And it’s beautiful to see the world today,

And it’s amazing to be a part of something,

Rather than wishing to be a part of something else,

I love my friends,

My family,

Even my enemies,

Because I know that I’m a part of something,

And I know that now is my time,

And I know that life is a gift to cherish,

So I wouldn’t want to be part of anything else,

I only want to be part of something now.


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