Wed, 01/10/2018 - 01:41 -- ghinton

You know how in college being rejected is emotionally easier than being waitlisted. Being waitlisted toys with your heart— you were good, but just not good enough. Wait and see if you finally make the final cut. Being waitlisted in someone's life is worse than being rejected. You're there for their every beck and call, but they can barely be there for you. They move, you follow. Waiting to see if you're finally going to be appreciated. You care so much, but you are just another person to them. Not special enough to have a permanent, relevant place in their life. A constant unawareness–  enough to drive one mad. You overthink. You wonder if your best is ever good enough. You start losing confidence and control in yourself. Ending with you scrambling all of your emotional stability for nothing.


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My community
Our world


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