Will He Ever See?

Blinded By Lust,
Heart Full Of Mistrust,
What Does He See Really,
What Do The Other Men See,
See So Special In Me?
Why Do They Chase Me?

He Always Wants Me
For My Breasts & My Thighs,
My Hair And My Eyes,
Why Can't He Simply,
See Me For Me,
See Me As A Personality...
Why Can't He See?

They're Never Content With Celibacy,
I Just Let It Be Known That I Respect My Body,
My Temple Is A Sacred Thing To Me,
Why Can't They Simply,
See Me For Me,
See Me As A Personality,
Why Can't They See?

For Me, Marriage Is A Must,
In My Families' Marriages Lie Mistrust,
Is It Temporary Lust?
Or An Unspoken Bust?
Will He Ever See?
Will My Dreams Be?
Will I Ever Be A Personality?



This was so awesome to read. Its fluidity was astounding. 


Thank You

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