Just Spilling It Out

Wed, 07/17/2013 - 19:29 -- Kvnfish


Sometimes you watch yourself, understanding why you don't-care,
Seeing several different roads, realizing they all lead to no-where,
Walking down a flight of steps, hoping the devil won't-stare,
Tired of grilling the same people that deserve it, which is so-rare,
Chug a gallon of water spill my thoughts into it, then don't-share,
Problems getting hairy at target practice, where I throw-nair,

I had a weird vibe that felt quite strange-at-the-start,
I'm an organ donor so I felt a sudden change-of-heart,
I can't stand panic attacks keeping me away-from-my-art,
But as soon as I get better I jump back and stay-in-my-part,
While I keep everything bottled, I still remain-on-the-chart,
Basketball helps with the stress ever since I regained-my-arc,

This seems like a perfect night, to just sit down and think,
And wonder why I'm always surrounded by alcoholic drinks,
And why did I feel bound to keep stomping the sink,
Around and around goes my eyes, every time I blink,
Ever since my mind increased in size, I've never believed in shrinks,


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