Blind Eye

Why do You turn a blind eye to Your faults
You pretend You've done nothing wrong
Like You were perfect and had my best interest at heart
But yet its so hard for us to get along

Ever since I was a little girl you've done nothing but provide
The clothes, the home, but affection seemed to be missing
Just to make Your lives happy You pushed my happiness aside
And now that I'm older You question me about why it's you i'm dissing

You all feel like You've raised me
But it's more so I learned not to make Your mistakes
But still until this day Your happiness is all You see
But You wonder why I can be so full of hate

I want You to understand that I don't hate You
But I despise the people You've decided to be
But its like You ignore my feelings and haven't got one clue
How could You not see that You've ruined me and this family

Though all of you are not completely at fault
You should be ashamed because You all played a hand
In all these hateful feelings I've fought
But you enjoyed being at the devil's command

All I ask now is to stop trying to raise me, you had the chance
Your deeds were done
Our relationships are at a stance
What's done is done, my life was far from fun

Your happiness is still priority
There is nothing I can say
Just know I no longer respect Your authority
And with You I can no longer stay

If You feel that Others deserve Your money,Your Attention, and Your love more than me
I won't care So be it
When I'm filled with hate and around You I refused to be
Don't ever speak about my feelings like you haven't seen it

I'll love You for who You tried to be
But loving me and putting me before Your happiness is not in Your nature
But subjecting my happiness for Yours is not fair to me
And if it continues You'll soon be but a stranger

I know You don't want to believe it
And You probably never will, but it's the truth
What You all did is more than wrong no matter how You percieve it
And this hate,pain,and digust I feel is something, not even a master healer could soothe

So please continue to turn a blind eye to the ones born to love you
Because at the end of Your lives they'll be all You ever had
And yes Your love is certain but not promised, You've showed me that "Others are above you"
And when I'm gone and resent You, You'll realize my love is something you still could've had

I'll try to love You no matter what, trust me its been a battle
But I'll soon have to go I honestly have no choice
Continuing to live this way will only end up fatal
I wish I could stop it but You did teach me one thing...When it comes to Your happiness even if it affects mine, I have no say, I have no voice
The way You live Your lives is not my choice

And while this all is very true
Don't blame my hatred on me but remember it boiled down to You.


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