Thu, 05/16/2013 - 21:35 -- rosey35


United States
43° 0' 0.1836" N, 89° 58' 52.842" W

Drops of golden, wasted space
Pressed upon a solid face.
Windswept strands of faded truth
Blown across the palms of youth.
Cautioned, never came to phase,
Wearing starlit, glassy haze.
Silent daring, happened be,
Watercolored passions leave.
Yet it stood, a frozen June.
An icy rose I'd yet to ruin.
Taken each, fragile breath,
Fled my hands from what they
Turned to late, but just in time,
Burnt the hills, that purple sunrise.
Time, it changed, and this as well,
Threw the rose and bid farewell.
Watched my love float away in the
endless sky,
Swear I heard your voice in the
wind's lonely cry.
Swallowed by pain, this misery,
Tossed into these strong waters
that know how to carry me.


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