These Walls

Here again; I’ve built these walls. All four, surrounding my cause-I’m blocked, trapped, strained and held with inability to fall-Though I crash, I don’t break; repetitive bruises that only ache,Repetitive scars, that never healed; here forever because they’re real, Here again; I’ve built a cage. All the bars, tightening and shrinking-They’re bent, broken, as dry as my eyes without blinking-Though it’s dark, I don’t run. I can’t run from it’s claws,It’s claws, that only ever knew to scratch; my insides getting raw, Here again; I’ve built these walls. All four, play with their ball-This new toy; they feel at ease, finally holding their doll-This new toy; a friendship ceased, at the end, clawing it’s wings,It’s parts are forever broken, finally deceased, but in the end, it was just the breeze.

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