Take My Hand


A young soldier with knowledge and wisdom doomed by man.

It's possible I may never touch land.

How could you let a voice of such substance go unheard,

left to be forgotten and others just don't understand.

To the masses I am needed just as a beach needs another grain of sand.

Here I spend my wasted days,

when I could contribute so much in complex ways.

No more blood, no more pain,

I want to embrace those with the capacity for greatness.

Lost in the streets with so much potential squandered on that which is not good.

If we could meet on a common ground, feed off one anothers knowledge,

we could overcome oppression and create one united hood.

We are one in a billion, but don't ever think we don't have a face,

we have the power to take our thoughts and give them voice,

but it's up to you to make that choice.

I am a soldier beaten and hurt,

but it's time to take a stand.

I'm reaching to the world,

but will you take my hand?


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