The Room Unknown to Me

Through that happy dream

Open this wide gray door
Yell then step and scream
What is this place all for?

The bed has age-old creases
I feel the walls of stone
Old banners falling in pieces
A space made to be alone

Pictures of the parade team stand
And letters from the Ivy’s galore
Toy soldiers fighting so grand
Fallen dominos scatter across the floor

Lines of Dust fly far away
Something Sharp lay in the cloth fold
Trust Trust it’ll be okay
This place is for the brave and the bold

Tell me what is my truth I boom
Or shall I lie in the chamber of God
Why so twisted in this dark room
Or, am I the person so odd

“I shall sleep here for the rest of my days.”
“In that twisted beautiful place, will be my grave.”
“Ha, I command the fight to keep our ways.”

“Here I am the master and the slave.”


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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