Matter of Survival


Facing Life's problems through my paper and pen. Overcoming the obstacles that I produce from within. Once being a lonely soul, making friends with my words. Life's a journey; I'm on a quest to find my pot of gold. Writing is expressing, a foundation for my dreams. On the outside there's a smile, but the papers allow you to see things arent always what they seem. Why I write is the equivalence of asking why I breathe. Comunication was once hard but now I do it with ease. It has the power of putting thousands of wrists in motion. All the while touching souls, words are like waves carrying you out in the ocean. Throughout the down falls in life, all the sorrow and fights. I manage to overcome it all through my passion to write.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

you write to live

you live to write

writing is so therapeutic that it allows a person to express and reflect freely

keep writing

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