Sometimes I wanna say what

Mon, 01/22/2018 - 16:25 -- Maxim

Sometimes I wanna say what I think I should have said
and sometimes I keep things all in my head
my mouth closed
needle and thread
a zipper across
my lips of red

Sometimes feel kinda dead
each teeth trapping every word
that wants to escape and be heard
pushing them down
the unspoken words that spoke
that were ahead in my head
seem to sink down instead

now pour out 
and shout
from my fingers, 

they appear in this 

I fear. 
That would give much away
that would say what I portray


Fingers to weak to write all I want
mind to strong to let out my haunt
words that taunt and words that tease
stay immobile, in one style, 
the words will wait 
for the date
that in state
maybe my fate


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