Love Concoction

How can you love someone you know you aren't suppose to?

Yea, I'm talking about me I just don't know what to do.

The love is so strong..

but it seems SO wrong.

How could something that feels SO right be so wrong..

it's uncontrollable and sometimes I can't maintain.

My mind and heart is at war non-stop,

24/7 I contemplate on these feelings.

And after 5months..

I'm distraught from not only the continuous war,

but the fluctuation of feelings.

I sometimes wonder..

Why can't I just fall in love and be happy like everyone else??

I've come to realize that I am more complex than I expected to be,

I have more to me than the eye can see..

Is there anyone out there like me??

I'm seeking guidance,

looking for a place where the war can cease

And I can love and still be at peace.



I get it! I understand what you are going though, love is complex but in reality its really simple.


I'm glad to know that I'm not too weird haha. At least I know someone else has experienced the same thing, it's somewhat of a relief. I appreciate you for commenting and letting me know though. Thank you Sarah! :)

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