The Meaning of a Word


You walk in the room

My hands begin to shake

You look at me

My heart pounds

I can feel it fighting to jump through my skin

You begin to speak

Blood rushes through my body miles a minute

And I can feel it

It’s what I’ve felt all along

And even stronger than before

I fight the numbness you make me feel

I find myself feeling more

Caring more

You’re in my reach

Yet you’re farther way than anything I’ve ever wanted

Words escape from my mouth now

Not much

And a lot at the same time

It’s just noise to you


But there is so much meaning

Behind those three little words

But you don’t understand.

You don’t want to understand.

At least not now;

Not today.

Just remember I said forever

And I’ll hold true to my promise

Just remember those three little words


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