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I shed a tear
For every time I fear
That I won’t be able to see you again
But only value the time we got to spend
Sometimes I think about your voice
Life or death was not your choice
Many say you knew before us
You should know that you always had our trust
Time after time I would sit and wait
In hospital rooms, it began to get late
Doctors would send you home
Not knowing you were too weak to pick up a comb
Before you passed I prayed you would awaken
But in my heart I knew you were already taken
Hoping you are in a better place
The only thing I have left in an old black vase
The ashes mean a lot but your spirit means more
Lead me down a path to open the right door
I will try to move on but I will never forget the moment
I realized you were gone
I will keep wishing that I can see
You again someday Grandma B




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