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There many reasons as to why I write poetry. My first main introduction to poetry would have to be rap music. At the age of six or seven, the first cd , or song I ever heard was by Jay-Z. The album was “Hard Knock Life Vol . 2”.The hit single from the album was Hard Knock Life which sampled heavily from the movie “Annie” upon which the song originated from. From then on, I understood that rap was art and pure form like no other. Being able to channel thoughts and feelings, by using complex metaphors and similes to convey a message to people. As I grew up, I also understood that there was a difference between being a “MC” (Master of Ceremonies) and a ”Rapper” My more traditional introduction of poetry came to fruition in high school through renowned scholars such as William Shakespeare and Edgar Allen Poe. Both men have ways and tendencies to captivate the reader and take them to a place no else probably could. As a junior in college, this past winter semester of 2013, I took a Creative Writing class for one of my Humanities Courses. My main purpose for taking the class was to learn how to write fiction, so that I would have some type of professional experience, when I plan to write my fiction-non-fiction autobiography. Upon taking this class, I was surprised, because in the begging we learned much about poetry from meters to sonnets, to researching renowned poets such as Allen Ginsberg or Amiri Baraka (also known as Leroi Jones) we even were required to right fiction and ten minute short plays to get an understanding and love for the arts. My main purpose for writing is to be able to help others. I want to document my experiences in life at a young age, such as being from Detroit, MI, having a child at the age of nineteen, and experiences of being raised in a single parent home in poverty; So that other people can learn from my mistakes, and apply some of my advice of how to overcome some of these experiences, that are similar to things going on in their lifeIf I were to when this scholarship, there are many things I would do. I would apply it to my tuition at Eastern Michigan University, so that I could finish my Bachelors program and obtain a Degree in Human Resources. Then, upon gaining employment, and making a substantial amount of money, I would try to start my own scholarship foundation and small business in motivational speaking to underprivileged youth, and give money to students who are trying to better themselves to make their dreams come true. . Below I have included three very short poems that I & would like to count as one considering the syllable count is very low.  Thank you for taking the time to reading this.




Kevandre Thompson




tons of money

 comes quickly or slowly

everyone striving to reach it

Wait Up!




below zero

typical Michigan

if the groundhog’s shadow shows don’t

Stay long

                                    (“ A Michigan Winter”)


Time’s Up

What Took So Long?

something’s shouldn’t be said

But we say them anyway

I Love you.

                                    (“ Regrets”)


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