What if it was never about love ?



I know writers say 

Love can happen twice 

But what if the 

love never really happens ? 

What if the emotion we thought 

About as love was not really love ? 


I know love changes it’s place 

From one heart to another , 

But what if love never really stayed ? 

What if where you stayed for long 

In the name of love 

Was not love ? 


I know poets say in their poetry , that with love comes happiness 

But what if those poetries 

turned into ghazals which  

often rhyme about wait and pain ?


What if love was never really the synonym of happiness ? 

What if love was 

Not bound within my words 

And your hearts ? 

What if love was free ? 

What if love can’t be expressed 

But only felt ? 


This poem is about: 



This poem really makes me think. I like how you look deeper into a concept that many people overlook or take for granted. 


Interesting questions....I propose to write  about it!

Real/ unreal love? Fantasie/ reality? Fall in love/ happy state of mind/ drunkenness of happines?

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