Past in the Future

Tue, 09/04/2018 - 02:23 -- Ash_P04

‘Mother! I’m home, I’ve gotten the correspondence from Lord Heathers.’

Another sip from whatever drink I was given


Filth amongst the crowd, something I’ve learnt to sense

My curse...brought onto me the day I was deemed worthy

Those hags! Prophecies, visions, illusions, and fate.

I scoff at the idea of fate

‘But Mother!....Yes Mother...of course...yes I’ll consider his offer..’

Leering eyes, mindless creatures, who only run on instinct that is hard-wired in them

Black eyes scan the area, landing on the pair of green eyes, whose gaze immediately fell

There you are~ Oh you poor foolish girl

‘Mother I don’t love him!’


Hand went up to grasp her head, as if it was hit with an outside force, instead of internal

‘What are you doing?! You..her..’

Fight or flight, but fighting one’s self, one’s past.

Memories flooded and images faded.

Past and present intertwined, as if time were merely an illusion

Bodies were pushed, pulled and shoved

A door was opened and closed

Breathing. Gasping. Sighing

Snow while hands were placed on the porcelain of the’s called sink

Dark and soft rings of inky black fell across

Shaking and quivers ran a course as if directed by a captain

Slowly her head rose.

The reflection, an illusion!


No longer did red eyes look back at her,


Instead, it was the past.

It was green eyes.

It was the past.


Shut up!!

Eyes opened.

Gone were mirrors, filth, and bodies.

Gone green eyes.

Only red.

Future calls.


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