Something Turns to Someone

Mon, 02/29/2016 - 23:44 -- VlaD

While the world does offer a rare ocean of inspiration to pull from which sadly few people tend to find,

the waves calm, for I can live without.

While it is true that the winds that blew will only continue to blow, and with it thousands of ideas that by day and by night travel on,

the winds calm, for I can live without.

The ocean moves, the earth shapes, ideas come and go like warmth in a summer day,

the temperature eventually calms, for I can live without.

The snow moves in, with it less inspiration for the months represented ahead lack sun and light, and with it motivation. Yet we survive, 

the cold eventually fades, the sun will shine again, it all eventually calms, for I can live without.


However there may be something that does not stop, shouldn't stop it's rumbling.

Something that offers happiness, offers love. Offers warmth and care, never to leave you alone.

Something that makes me feel stronger than the loudest rain, the strongest animal. 

Makes me feel the joy on my face, helps me find myself in the largest haze, helps me find my footing in any place.


This something turns to someone, like rain turns over to sunlight.

This someone is you, the one person that I care for the most.

The one person that gives me that sunlight so bright even in the days without sunshine.

This someone is you, the person to which I intend to be the most close to.


It is your smile that I admire, that drives me to be inspired,

I cannot live without you, your love is never required.

And yet you give it to me, your beauty is not hard to see,

that you are the biggest inspiration to me is not a statement hard to believe.

You give me love, you provide me with inspiration and motivation.

You allow my creativity to pour out of it's foundation, spread to several locations.


It is you that drives me forward, it is you that fulfils me, 

It is you that I care the most about, without you I'm simply..



And emptiness can only be calmed with your presence,

for I cannot live without you, that is the truest of all essence.

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