Societies BeLief

Societies Belief

Do you know how it feels to hate yourself so much that every time you look in a mirror you cry, so you avoided mirrors? To have this feeling nagging you in the back of your mind screaming fat, hide, are you sure you don't wanna wear a jacket with that shirt, baggy is better, stop being a disgrace to society, why can't you be skinny, STOP BEING YOU.

Slowly drowning in my your thoughts. To be living in society's perception blindly following body images they say look good. That the clothes you see on models never look half as good on you. Lock yourself in a room, cry your problems away in private. Because when you come out in public showing how you feel on the inside on the outside you get labeled freak. That you have a mental disorder. Even though you're the one who put the little thoughts in our heads and they grew bigger and bigger as time goes on.


So you smile and laugh hoping it goes away. You shrink and shrink until you nearly reach a breaking point. They find an addiction to take their mind off of it. They find a sweet blade to let the blood trickle down, they take each bite of food to get the taste of self-disgust out there mouths, they drink to drown the voices out with a flood, they smoke hoping it crowd their busy brains. These are all fine until you want that release too much, then you hit a blood vessel, you choke, drown your organs, inhale the wrong substance. Then that small bit of life you were already living on goes flat.

---Aiyana Poe


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