why do i write


Why do I write

Why do I write? Hummm such a simple question yet my answer is so complicated its almost indescribable... but yet it shall be scribe-able....I write to unleash my feelings its the only way to let them out I stare down at my pad and pen aimlessly and it seems these words just jump out my brain attacking my paper causing a dark black endless ocean of emotions as I try to calm down it seems the emotions gain their own subconscious mind they unleash a wrath of words upon my paper page after page as I read its all rage after rage it all ends in love cuz that seems to be all that's on my mind as a teenager. Night after night I stay awake on facebook pad and pen near cuz I always fear that enlightenment will hit soon and when it does it sticks hard pads on top of pads full of free verse and when I read them in the end it all just seems insane....writing is my life its like its just all stories in my brain stories and poems sonnets and songs the only way to escape from reality it seems is to sit in my room day after day door closed pen in hand and oceans of black darkness upon the pages in front of me writing is my life without it I'm nothing poetry my escape the stories I write are like the turkey and stuffing...hu and to think there's more to life than a life behind this mic but to me this is my only outlet if I lost this if I lost it all I still would nit quit I'm NSK I a non stop verse killer and if poetry was a crime I guess I'm the top serial killer...writing is my life my inspiration is the dictionary... I read the encyclopedia and thesaurus for lunch...cuz knowledge just fills me up alright...alright i voice myself threw these words these words are my mic these words are my life if I lost my ability to speak these words I write would speak for me alright...
So I go and open my blinds and I relax my mind pen in hand as I look over what I wrote this time...I'm NSK sublime...and a little foot note a poem doesn't have to rhyme all the time... writing is my life and I must say my life is alright ...


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