Let your hands speak

Sun, 08/11/2013 - 16:14 -- Jonestm


Poetry is a beautiful way people can express thereselfs

My poem explains the feelings i have for poetry



No amount of words can describe what poetry means to me

Poetry has the power to speak with your hands, because my voice cannot

The power to relieve feelings that you never knew you had

Poetry has the power to move people

To help people see life in another persons skin

To let people know you're not the only person going through something

Poetry has the power to change a person mood

Feeling that there is no one or no place to go, but when all that emotion in your mind travels to your hands

All the thoughts that were bringing you down transfers to your pager; just like medicine your body starts to heal

Just like that poetry has the power to cure the brokenhearted

To speak

To relieve

To move

To see

To know

To change

To cure

Thats what poetry means to me



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