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When you’re naked there is nothing covered. Everything is on display. When you’re naked the thin or thick layer you once had are removed. The layers you once had no longer keep whatever you contained beneath it concealed. You are seen.
The strong pungent smell of petroleum crawls up my throat, it creeps up my skin, and into my bloodstream. It commandeers my head and pulls me away from the boisterous hallways of my school.
The strong pungent smell of petroleum crawls up my throat, it creeps up my skin, and into my bloodstream. It commandeers my head and pulls me away from the boisterous hallways of my school.
The strong pungent smell of petroleum crawls up my throat, it creeps up my skin, and into my bloodstream. It commandeers my head and pulls me away from the boisterous hallways of my school.
The strong pungent smell of petroleum crawls up my throat, it creeps up my skin, and into my bloodstream. It commandeers my head and pulls me away from the boisterous hallways of my school.
Love, Maybe you were only supposed to be here for a fleeting time  Those blackbirds that fly over East Coast waters Dipping the tip of their wing into the waves 
Day one Ordinary routine sweeps evenly through all jungle’s of concrete  It’s comfort  fulfilled when snuggled  into its tedious mold the outdoors were in sound normalcy
The blood and tears that built the land are the same ones still hitting this sand As I lay on the floor of this desert of oppression thirsting for equality, my words making no connection   
Why Is there So much work That I Have to do. It feels like I just learned to walk. Why am I now applying to college. Why Why Why Why is money so important? Why
Who Am I? Am i a shadwo,a chair or even a doorway?   I am a shadow  A shadow that has no way, I am there but people walk through me  I stand aside,but still trouble follows;
Im alone like i've been (trapped) since  Birth Trying 2 unhearth my purpose in the           d    e       p           t
Disobedience,  An intolerable act Defiance,   The tactic of a child  Turned into a beautiful form of crying, screaming, or yelling. 
"There will come a day when: the glitz, the fashion, and all of the chaotic compassion   will turn into fame and passion."   
He left Trolli on the floor, and cheese; fries; boxes; and fork He does this so often its like a: Habit   He wont pick them up, Sometimes he cant, Sometimes he can.  
A new born baby Sheds so many tears Until his mother hugs him To take away his fears   A toddler now in pre-school Sheds ten tears a day Stubs his foot sometimes His mother hugs him
I thought my lips had broken and my hands had burst to flames. When I think of you, you're the one to blame. You messed with my mind  you wasted all of my time. You think you broke my heart?
  It’s your birthday today You are at work and I’m at school  We’re far apart, but you’re close to my heart I love you, so I shout hurray
I feel her heart getting colder I reach for her hand Searching to feel her love She pushes me away There is so much weight on my shoulder
I awoke to the two-hit tan wristwatch on the sheer sliding mantle top The sound of tiny bells sounding trapped in a bored gods flipflop Hanseatic divided lines pined internal rhymes in 4 dimensional time
  The Sound Notes, Tunes, Frequency, Vibration The chills, The freeing Spirit It heals, It inspires, It brings us to one It can be really fun 
Black boy Black boy With little red truck toy Growing up alright boy Mama and daddy’s own joy Falling for the man’s ploy
What inspires me is plain to see I find it within the trees and sea I find it in the bravery of the past And my hope for the future,most importantly I find it in my family I find it in my mother's drive
Trapped.  He is free to roam, He is free to go. I’m a prisoner to my own home. Sentenced by our embryo.
Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one That those who listen Listen for there own good  And not my well being  Is it too much to ask for
All you have to do is DREAM BIG. WORK your HARDEST. STAY FOCUS even if things are rough. Lastly, SURROUND yourself with POSITIVE people.
I'm so close to finishing, yet I've never fully seen the line of completion. No matter what, I only have had myself to blame for that mistake. I chose a life of neglecting my actions, and it's haunted my reason. 
my best friend, Scott my best frienda port in a storm you hold my soula hero through the future you are the one,my best friend, Scottfor you are a man I loveyou are my heart, my heart
Isn’t it funny? What you may ask. Well, isn’t is funny how selfish the human race is. Yes, yes, I know I’m a human too, bummer.
love is patient, love is kind, love is stressful, love is challenging, love will drag you to hell and back, love will make you angry,
Cut more trees Build more homes  Let the animals suffer Because we don't want to
I understand that I'm not alone but, I am alone, I feel alone. Even when I’m around people, around my friends, around my family
Drive is essential. The thirst for succes and change  Is quenched by hard work.    Qualifications Help me reach my potential. Pushing my limits.   Work ethic needed
Let us travel to the fig tree. Inspect its fruits. Look past its leaves, for they try to conceal the stellar treasures. Squeeze each fruit to find the one that gives most. That fruit yields the utmost stimulating taste.
I need money   scholarship
I hate myself Don’t try to convince me that There is something special Because if I look closer I see my faults Even though  I feel different It’s in my mind I can’t say  I see that I’m special Because There is nothing good about me It’s not true
It actually felt really nice to sit here and write in my old spot I watched a bee buzz between my knees  a flock of crows all sang out at once the moss cooled the spot I sat 
It actually felt really nice to sit here and write in my old spot I watched a bee buzz between my knees  a flock of crows all sang out at once the moss cooled the spot I sat 
It actually felt really nice to sit here and write in my old spot I watched a bee buzz between my knees  a flock of crows all sang out at once the moss cooled the spot I sat 
The first hint of laughter The joyful glint in their eyes Their first step and fall The first tear that rolls down their soft new cheek Will be lost without you
She is in the dying flowers and the burning trees She is in the children who cry and plead The animals who hunt and bleed Earth in every form Artemis, Diana
Music is a vibeit always has been for meto listen ,think and realize thebooming sound of the beat crossing my EarsMusic to me can be loud, Likethunder in my head with a melody , a deep clear sound of Healing for the mind which echos ThroughoutMusi
Book I: Swept Up Plastics
Why was I in such a hurry to be where I am now Thought my life would be figured out  But life had other plans Why did I spend endless nights Planning my life When life had other plans
I feel like I had it rough So it appears I'm like everyone Who have had problems, but still act tough I find peace in mind as I grow up Getting merits like diplomas and such
Confidence is like an train,  It can get you anywhere. A fence is like an airplane, It won't fly without jet fuel.   A commitment is like a door, You don't know what's on the otherside.
I look in the mirror at my reflection I can feel my heartbeat in my ears My hands shaking on the white countertop Up until this point I thought I was invincible I was wrong
  you’re never around. you’re not in my life. so why’d you come over and ask if i’m alright?
 i wonder your mood when you remember me. when you remember how long it’s been since we last talked. the shade began in october and floated its way into november. i’m saying all of this because when i think of you, my mood changes instantly.i'm no
I had to dig through my late night journals and old Tumblr posts,Then recovered those old songs, and unleashed all of our old ghosts.As I sat and listened to our songs, I remembered how much we’ve both changed.
Chop chop chop I watch them cut her down everyday They are vicious with sharp blades And loud laughs I watch as every blade gets deeper the sap pour out Chop chop chop They tear her down with her own blade
As I sit I think about the times I messed up. I'm so fortunate to never have an empty cup. Day by day repeating the Lord's Prayer Unlike those who were lost to the Slayer.
Wake up same routine four years we get to the latst year to give  up im tired stressed through the test  schools knocking on my door  sometimes put it aside and walk away whats next 
growing up  throwing up find your shoe need to poo write a line find sometime to realize to emphasize to change your skin take out the bin Growing up Drink a cup
I grew up watching porn. Not in a weird way, Just the normal way. I was interested in sex, I wanted to know when it would be my turn. I remember loading up the family computer, trying to be quiet so that
The most carefree child That’s what I was Obsessed with school And willing to believe that everything was for a purpose in this world  
Used to not practice, Failed all of my auditions. I perform and teach.
sometimes you have to see where you will be instead of where you are tough it out, it's not that far. have fun don't run your past was bad but a look back won't make you mad
sometimes you have to see where you will be instead of where you are tough it out, it's not that far. have fun don't run your past was bad but a look back won't make you mad
The door slammed And it...was done. The torture came to an end. I no longer had to pretend That my parents were my friend.   I suddenly began to feel Something so surreal.  
Bullies and bruises Grades going down the drain One day it will be okay
Bullies and bruises Grades going down the drain One day it will be okay
It's hard leaving your home But you have to go Those tears you cried wont be in vain All that hurt you felt, that awful pain Will wash away under the summer rain You'll see them again
Hands inlayed with pain Bleeding from success Reserved for only one Yet used by everyone else.   They tremble and shake 
I reached for the wood, Like it was a life preserver; Legs swinging, I held on; I was Rose and the tree was Jack, And I wasn't going to fall down; I propped myself on the branch,
I always sat back and listened to you yell I never liked it but I was shy as hell  I watched you punch holes in our wall I would be so scared I wanted to call 911  but you told me to never tell.
I remember, The connection we loved ever so much has now ran away, laughs of joy we shared have now become screams of agony, The memory of running playfully has now become a sorrow filled stroll,
I remember, The connection we loved ever so much has now ran away, laughs of joy we shared have now become screams of agony, The memory of running playfully has now become a sorrow filled stroll,
You think it's alright? You think that its ok? To do what you do and to say what you say? To rape us and to mace us and to say "it's your clothes" ` but you violate animals and babies and OH THE LORD KNOWS!
When the rain comes We’re taught to run inside.   Hide for your life, and stay dry. We build up our wals Wide and tall
I’ve never been one to grasp for control It’s chains To me Have always felt cold. I came from the womb believing this true, A penny-priced wisdom, Tailor-built for a fool,
We fill our lungs with oxygen we force feed ourselves telling ourselves it's the lack of knowledge that creates such a brutal field to this world
Don't be afraid to conquer your fears; Hold back your tears In life your fears are there to make things clear, They don't hurt they make you see what needs work in you
The alphabet is easy. It is one of the first things we are taught. All the letters are equal. All letters are important.
People tell me that I need to stop crying.  I fail.
I can hear my thoughts As they run through my head But I forget That nobody else can
My words hide in the back of my mind In the back of my throat, still in my mouth. Silent words that never seen the light of day. They hide in fear. Of what?
Eaten from the inside out, poisoned by despair Swallowed in misfortune, drowning in thin air Led by intention, we failed our duty Progress has been erased, back to 1963 Damned by a coax, we've disgraced our promise
Down, down, down, down, We see ourselves fall time and time again All cry in unison for help, for it is all we can muster
“Have you ever thought “bout How what you say affects people?” Words leaving your lips Hold a potential that you must understand Potentially forcing someone
Just write, I say Images of you clutter my mind. Images of us, writing together. In that time and space, I felt free. And then, I pushed you away. Away from everything I loved.
I love my mother She gives to me and my brother Her hair smells like flowers She cares and takes care She hugs me like a bear I love you mother She gives me so much love
History isn’t always learned through books because of you I experienced it first hand The trips to the capitol Captivating Cool Charismatic
Let me tell A bit about my life when I was only five I saw it all guns knives weed crack it was already Wack people were breaking in stealing all our money I could hear the rich people laughing I guess they thought it was funny because I was walk
She brought me to life Took care of me when I couldn't But most importantly loved me when I wouldnt. She held me for nine months
I'm having this dream where I'm driving, and then, of course, you come along. I have never met you but I bet that because  I saw you in my dream we are bound to meet someday   
I have been known as the blank faced girl I wear my mask well my emotions kept tightly at bay, never protruding on my face The act to feel and touch were strangely different from my fellow man
dear nicholas and twila,   when i was so much younger i was sad and often cried i always felt alone no matter how hard i tried  
Dear Pop Pop, Love is a understatement And everyday that you are not here it hurts a little more You was my best friend Only way out of the devils paradise was to spend the evening with you You prove to me
Death brings great sorrow, to know you won't see them tommorow. 
I want to be a poet,  Only for the money, You see college is expensive  It is really not that funny. Some spend years repaying a debt,  Others can't even afford it' but paying for education is bullshit
‘Failure’ ‘Waist of space’ ‘No one will ever love you’
Once upon a time there was a princess Or was it perhaps was it a prince? Give me a second I shall look into my index, Ah yes, here it is, it was nothing but a man.  
Think I'm losing my balanceTrynna take it back to a state 
once apon a time a girl as white as snow a girl with a beautiful glow once apon a time a girl with hair as dark as night a girl who faced a terrible fright once apon a time
As I jog along the lush earth, the flaming ball sets on the horizon, and the morning dew rises as the ice begins to defrost. The Eden garden awakens as the sphere of light rises beyond the early morning sky.
As a child, I endured extreme anxiety once my adolescent body found itself incarcerated by the unforgiving darkness of the night.  
Brown, round, dirty Might be curvy Hand picked Quite perfect Is never alone Can make you moan Goes with head
He's not just a drop-out who didn't persevere He's a student who's issues are severe Father's an alcoholic Mother's going steric This makes siblings neurotic Who has energy for school when home is chaotic
When I was 13, a boy told me this is how you kiss, that gifts show affection, and that this is love.    I started laying bricks down.  
It's a call to arms But not a call to firearms I know, we are alarmed,But as the United StatesWe shall not fill our voids with hateBecause regardless of our skin or domination Our skin is sacred. 
Bam! I knocked you out you hit the ground I'm through messing around playing these little games of yours tired of you walking all over me like I'm nothing but dirt I'm done getting hurt
love is something that we cherish and something we all have people have the wrong understanding of what it means.
My love,  I loved u then, I love u now, It just happened, I dont know how. But, now to say I cant live, Without you, Would be a fib. You are my life, My love for you is true,
I cried into her shoulder as the day was long and hard. She held me and told me it would be fine. She made me laugh when I didn't want to smile. She made me think through my thoughts. 
I am the wallflower who at first is warry to all that’s around. I am the dreamer with a thirst for the world in papers bound.  
I swear that I would never forget Your form quietly returns to space What else can I do besides avenge you?  
Sometimes I stare at myself in the mirror I’m short, thick, and a little funny looking at times. But, then when others see me I’m the wolf.
Flip the page  To come across a spell Like a mage But spotted about a word of myself dwell I defined as spiffy Being strike as average But on the inside as iffy I can be a bandage
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Blooms' aromas mutter  to the breeze, silencing man hypnotic pleasure.
I am... brown skin, curly hair I am... bullied on the playground I am... "What are you?" I am... snowball fights by myself.   I am cuts, I am tears I am nights alone I am nights alone
        Many days of my life I have been upset         In many ways I am up swept         the facts about what's to be, gives me hope        that all the sorrow can be the past 
Despite what is saidAnd despite what is doneI know who I amAnd i know what i've won.Like a ribbon of blueOr a token of gold,My soul is set free;It's shakles now cold.
My son; you are wrapped in warmth, softness, and affection; yes, you are dwelling inside me. You are still sensitive to my feelings, and can deduct the level of love i have for you.
Its like my mind fell off a plane into needle tips 
You are awesome You are a part of a greater picture
Education is the key to success  and school is the lock !  You can not open a lock without a key  You can not pass a test  without studying  you can not acheive your dream  without hard work   
Oh, how I'm ready to go
Valencia, slumber, and inkwell Shades and tainted images hide well The blemishes and marks that always dwell   Lest depicting realness, an uncensored weakness 
A man is not a man if he is afraid of nothing, Nor is he a man if he hath not stumbled. For every man is somewhat afraid of something, And that, I say, I am and also humble.
Can you hear me?  I am not loud enough for your ears to hear me? I will yell and yell just so you can  hear me.  Are words not good enough anymore, now in days I need a few swear words  just to get the attention. 
Dark circles under brown eyes, Permanent since sixth grade, From too many nights with too little sleep. But why sleep when I can learn and laugh and think?   Entire universes reside within,
Often, I’ve found, the truth to be uneasy. But to be given a chance to speak this freely… Well, I must. Let’s hear it, Saima, who are you really?   You see, 19 I am and thirsty I remain.
A Letter to My Future Self   Dear Future Me,   If you are reading this letter, That means you are in your early twenties. Fresh out of college
What is Love?   Chapter 1: My mother meets a man. She thinks she loves him, but she doesn’t know what love is. A one night stand with a perfect stranger is not love.
The world is rarely simply black or white. It would certainly make life easier If gray wasn’t all that existed. ‘Fight’. I convince myself to defy misers And eliminate ambiguity.
tell me who I am? Am i a wild one, Am I a daughter, Am I a son?   Tell me who I am? What do I wanna be? Do I wanna be a doctor, who will save somebody?
And as the silence ceases to exist, It's heavy cloud becoming customary To her dulled nerves-- His eyes shined louder. The renewal of sharp feeling in her limp body--for she was numbed by the farthest,
Why should I go with you, Miss Forever and Sir Always? We are sturdy and gentle and loyal and true. Then what shall I do if I grow bored later in my days? Finding the right forever and always is all you must do.  
I see the girls being picked on,
The filter's hides my insecurites, They continue to change my destiny. Taking away the filter, One by one, I see who I am, Who I truly am. Finally seeing myself, Loving myself,
Is there pain anywhere beside in my mind and soul? Is there peace at a more desperate mission I prefer to reach? Is there love in a better place other than my heart?
Behind the mask Behind the filter Very few ever see   Hidden kindness Smoke and mirrors Observant listener   Strange humor Passion Without the quiet mask
There are words. There are words etched on the wall sitting in the backround of a war. Created by fire and anger, and the rise of a people declaring that they will have their rights. And they scream "No More."
When I am #NoFilter, I am a singer in my bedroom, performing for my sky blue audience, my four walls.
In the room  full of people  I look at my success. Clapping for me.  Glorifying.    Shaking hands.  Smile. It was a success.    Wait.    Do I know any of you?
  This isnt is joke but, i hate to burst your bubbles I won this contest and there isnt a think you can do,
I am tall I am handsome I am white I am strong I am male.   I have a girlfriend I have no dad I have no family I have a job I have a car.   I have hurt people
I realized people can fall in love just as fast as they can fall out of it.
I miss the way she used to look at me, She used to look at me like I was the moon, She used to look at me li
Who was I before I was me?
the leaves where falling
what should you see when you look at me , not the make up that i try to pull off,  not the skin that im trying to hide , not the language that the people aroud m
My pictures are perfect. Every zit, dark spot, and blemish is harmless. The assymetric features of my face are flawless.  The tiny scar under my hairline is a piece of me.
I'm just a girl who like to write poetry hey what the heck? I love to Paint and do photography.
I am not perfect and I am not you
See me a thousand times, know me never. If you could see the world through my eyes for a single day, you would never look upon me the same. My closest friends know not who I truly am: under the skin.
Dark brown chocolate sista’ So cool and pristine But not quite A lean mean fighting machine If only provoked by those who try to fist ha’
You say you want to date me, but I think you might hate me And when you hear what I speak, I think you might just agree I'll give you 3 reasons, just listen, you'll see
Where's my daddy? Posted up in jail I spent all his bail Love was too expensive, so he gave me hell
I'm just a young girl trapped inside a box Trying to get out but there's to many locks I search and search trying to figure out how to please Instead of standing up and fight for what I believe
Maybe you're proud of me Who I grew to be Ingenuity, influenced by your eulogy Remembering our memories
Filters, they’ve become a part of my society, But yet, I try so hard to be the real me. I’m screaming, hoping somebody will hear ‘This isn’t what I wanted; this is exactly what I feared!’
18  The year your life changes The year you are faced with choices Some you are not ready to make  Left or right Push or pull Which is the right answer Pick one and then you will know
If I could draw a picture of sorrow and hurt, what would it be? A beat up heart, A broken down mind, Maybe a soul who has lost all hope of the future?  
You asked me what I am. I am the daughter of those who rule the sea – a proud people.
naked with no protection, flaws and imperfection   dont be decived, for perfection is in the eye of the beholder
You might of cut out my edges,Painted me a disguise,Removed all of my “flaws,”Since I am not presentable to your eyes.
I may appear unbroken and strong... I may appear with power and faith. I may show my love within a song. But my appearance is only a phase.   I cry and I weep like humans will do...
Who are you and what have you done with the real me  Trying to change yourself  Just to escape the critique of those insecure about themselves  You used to be vibrant 
Truth in a bottle won't be sold But kept as a secret weapon of old Hidden from all who could potentially benefit From its dangerous, life-changing world of definite  
Walking in the hallway with a stack of books Late night studying the art of deception  With a GPA so high, who can find a fault In the girl with depression hidden so well.
I’m a sophomore in High School with a brain that never stops, Ranging from thoughts, ideas and memories I cannot “crop”. I’m fifteen years old with a mouth that runs from morning to night,
I may be small But everything else about me sure isn't I have a big heart and a big voice Big ideas and aspirations And one big appetite Yep, the only thing small about me is my body
No one person is truly All We all have no free Willl Nothing that we can call "Us"
she is beautiful in her own way, she’s a size ten, and acts like a two she’s flirty, smiles and hugs around she’s smart, brilliant some would say she wear’s dark purple and black
My hair is in knots when I wake up in the morning My head isn’t always tilted to the right trying to find my light My lips aren’t red until I decide to paint them with the blood of superficiality
Behind the smile is what you can't see Behind the lies is where you find me Behind the glossy, polished surface is somewhere I'd rather you not look  
I had to pay, actually, to find myself. Didn't you?   I had choices, I had to chose. I had fallen to the social norms.   I lost my sanity,
Crazy, wild, shy always laughing, never speaking unintelligent, very smart good head on her shoulders, no common sense cute, adorable, should smile more.   These are how others describe me
eyes wide ingesting everything ravenous retinas resolution high wind whips blurry hurried blinking bliss air warm thick breaths breeze blue sun beams vast view  
I talk with a poetic slang
diamond in the rough the tougest material cae from he softest ingredients which leaves the inquery of why the earth is so obedient he says push, earth says ok, soil says no!
i tried to be a vegan once and it
We are beautiful from within and without We are no filter challenge Or no make up experiments We need no filter To change our beauty Our beauty is within the world Within our inner soul
Life experiences Life challenges They all shape who we become They mold us into individuals Throughout life however that individualization is lost We all just tend to conform
I am one shade darker,one size bigger, and one inch shorter We are pratically the same, but diffrent. she is beautiful,like a renissance painting
The eyes are windows to the soul; people see me in light, Galaxia-Stella- images see me in dark; Gravis- But I am full of wonder and wistfullness;
Me without a filter is a lot of different people. I’m someone else with each new environment. Some are sarcastic, some are analytical, most are honest to a fault. But all of them are real.
Pure love the one you can't see the type to sne
Happy days come and go but nothing more They say to prove your worth or else be sore Ive come and gone and begged my soul to greif Alas it has been nothing but a dream.  Those boys and girls pertain to nothingness
Im the one girl the one hiding in the back of the class keeping her head down as not to attract the attention of the crowd Im the one girl that plays the part she was assigned
The fire girl glides down the asphalt river, her book nose and pen hand taking in the world, making it beautiful. She smiles as the sun hugs her, a cool almost chilling breeze rolls lazily by.
I use to hit I use to hate - Myself- I use to cry I use to want I use to wish -to die- I didn't understand -how the people who where suppose to love me left me- I didn't love myself
I am confident, positive, & strong on the outside But timid, unsure, & weak on the inside I try to be like everyone else While my true form hides within myself I want others to see me through my lies
The veins wind their way down the petals of my thighs the beauty of the earth is found in my beautiful brown eyes.
Without this len, I feel clensed With no one to label, I feel able To be me, I feel free
Working in a restaurant is exciting Meeting new people  Working with others Having a sense of comraderie Knowing they have your back   It's very weird, meeting new people
Everything seems so clear in you eyes
I Am Not What You Create I Am Not What You Make Out Of Me I Am Not Your Sinful Hate
I was an accident. Definition: Simple as that. The day I came knocking on my mother's womb door, everything changed from party college life to adulthood.   I was rasised by hard workers.
Hidden away from all the eyes,  I seem to bleed alone. Broken heart and troubled mind, I seem to bleed alone. No one really sees that, I seem to bleed alone.   Tears on face and shacking hands,
I am a human before I am American.  I am a human
You know
Who am I? I am a roiling boiling ocean Of magma Lying just beneath the surface Of an active volcano. I am emotions: Good feelings Relief, caring, compassion, Joy Bad feelings
They told me that he would be happy On the farm where he could run free, And that while I was feeling so sad and alone, My dog wouldn't wish to see me.      My parents had lied; my puppy had died.  
This is me behind the scenes A strong-willed girl That no one can see.   I hide behind such troubled eyes Faking smiles No one sees through my lies.   Finding myself lost deeper in space
A woman and a daughter
I hide, putting that bright smille on my face. But no one really knows. I'm stuck in this brace.  
Dear those who let social networking control your self confidence. You are beautiful.
I can be bossy and loud, But I’m not asking you to tone me down. I may be harsh and sarcastic, But my edges don’t need to be smoothed.   The world has exposed me to so much,
The colors of the universe  Envelop my body  As I am one with it
Valencia, slumber, and inkwell Shades and tainted images hide well The blemishes and marks that always dwell   Lest depicting realness, an uncensored weakness 
Many people know my story but know how it started, growing up as a child I can't say that I enjoyed it, Living in a home it wa just me and my mother, No real man in the house all we had was each other,
WIthout a filter I am not what I appear to be Not quite the girl you all think you know I am much more than everything that you chose to see So let me tell you a little bit about me.
"No I don't want you to change my picture." Why would you need to change me? Just because my eyes are uneven Or because my cheeks are big? Is it because my teeth are not white enough? Are my thighs to big?
I am everything and everyone Every place you've ever been I am the waves of the ocean
To dwell on you is to dwell on a knife Its swift blades cut into me like the voices in my head cut into my sanity   You're here and not here you care and you don't care
2015 New Year New me But who is ‘me’ when no one can see? We got layers of layers of stuff in the way. No one hears what you actually say. There’s fronts, make up and filters on that.
This is a story to be told Of a girl who seems so cold A girl who always stays true To hersef and others through and through A girl who has always been so bold
Away with all this greyscale, opague, inkwell lo-fi and hefe.  Only stick with original.Just me and who I am suppose to be. The truth. Don't try to hide my blemishes, my eye bags, my scars.
The stars are beginning to fall and the sun is beginning to darken on this melancholic night. As I stare at my ceiling of dreams, wishes, and fantasies, my eyes begin to drown themselves with sorrow.
Music and poetry helps my sanity and I cannot spend all of my time with people continuously because people do not seem to really understand me and there is not a bother or a dare to care about the rare thoughts that seep into my mind through out
No filter No control. I don't choose to look like I do. With dead eyes. And an empty smile. No filter No control. I did not ask for this. My frame too large for photo encasing.
I am...   A princess crowned in flowers, adorned with jewelry, and latched to the only prince that deserved my heart.   A mermaid swimming through rough seas,
Who am I I am the little girl running from nowhere
All I want is 1 chance to make a fool of myself All I want is for the 2 of us to make pictures for the shelf All I want is to love you 3x4x5 times a day All I want is for our love to be 6 shades of gray
She emulates thick pitch blackness as she claws her way across the cold reflective surface Dark tar designs etched in her face, spilling from her eyes down her cheeks, her soul is only one solid mass of encircling darkness
Baby girl. whats on that mind of yours? Is it that make up your wearing thats got your mind on doubting? Your tiara seems to be slipping back. Do you need a hug? Lets take that makeup off that beautiful face of yours.
My body relaxes and I feel calm.The gentle sounds I hear when I’m aloneare racing down my warm face in turquoisestreams. I like to pretend that my pasteldreams are more than the ocean and seashells.
The feeling of failure covered her head.
maybe if i dont say i am, i wont be. maybe if i pretend to be happy, i will be. maybe if i keep building these walls, i'll be protected. maybe if i stopped taking them pills, i'll be fine.
Flickering lights Sleepless nights I wonder When will my home be in sight? I travel alone Like a dog to a bone I search But never once glance for a phone What am I looking for?
No lights, No camera, No action, Just myself trying to fit into my school's secret factions.
feelings smash collide and integrate mixing colors like the finger paints my mother made me as a child   one minute i am functioning one minute i am overwhelmed and the next i am gone  
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Hah. 
A toy needs love too.... You were happy because I was something new and fun to play with, At first, it seemed lime everything I did amazed and befuddled you, Where did those times go?
I am キラキラ. I am sparkles and glitter and yellow and sunshine.
  They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Hah. 
Individuality lost with a press of a button Creativity limited by the boarders of a screen Beauty eclipsed by filters An attempt to imitate perfection Has become the new trend That brought an end
Today, We are caught and swept away,
Define [Caroline]: I define myself. Who I am, who I want to be, what I believe in, what I  like, what I do, who I  love, how I act. I. am. dynamic.
It starts in 1999, when at five years old, still chubby-cheeked and new, I learned that make-up was for girls as night over night I watched my mother paint 
(Basically), Behind These Blue Eyes Is A Mind And A Soul That Loves To Run In The Sunshine And Laugh
No need for filters to show off my natural beauty
It may be crazy to think, but perhaps the people we see everyday
The shields and barriers I erect The many layers Misdirections I’m addicted to   They wrap around my smothered soul
Not now I'm afraidAs patient as you existNot only in this moment or hour the same but a lifetime of wait awaits.My mind found folly and fatigue but lacked the fervor.
I am my hands, my feet, The words I say when I can not speak.   I am my arms and legs, The songs I sing when I fall asleep.   I am my neck and chest, The yawn I make when I first awake.
I live for baggy eyes in the morning, Highlighting my tired expression.
If I could have one superpower it would be the power to create I would raise cities to love the people without homes create stars to keep the darkness company
Society, I don’t understand your games. There are rules you claim, To act that way, To speak this way, To appear another way, And it is a game you created called Pretend.
I'm a disappointment A failed try who deserves every ounce of blame, always pushing my anger forward as I hold back my shame Why talk about dreams I'll never achieve,
The first time I wrote a poem I was in third grade
Honestly? This confidence? A facade, a sham, a role played in the performance -- my life. Should the world be a stage, I shall be it’s greatest actor.
I am not NOT not about to pick apart the pieces of myself tear out a ventricle here a molar there a fingernail and a stretchmark sew them all together with
I don’t say much. But I speak when I talk. I often stumble when I walk. I whiten my teeth. Stay combing my hair. But I feel that doesn't get me anywhere. I'm impeccably dressed And remain humble still.
The veil has been lifted the masquerade is over; Alone I have prevailed                       
1. Wear you skin like armor. The glow of your forefathers shines brighter than any bleach-drenched word that tries to erase the “La Illaha Illallah” from your DNA.
In the lonely hour I cry, I laugh, and I fake a smile. In the lonely hour I run from my fears like a fool making people laugh in which I'm the fool myself.
Strip me of my mocha colored skin  and my velvet coursed curly hair,  and tell me darling...what do you see?    
When it all comes down To a few simple words Am I just a girl in her room Reading a book to pass the afternoon A scientist with her head in the clouds Or a violist wishing to be heard by the crowds
Strip me of my signatures and you will be left with the essence of my existence.Disregard the opinionated buttons on my backpack,
Sharpen your jawline with a piece of sandpaper. Try not to break the skin; grime will settle into your blood and spread like poison, and you're here to fix you, not the opposite.
How dare you ask me who I would be without all these stereotypes?  Don’t you know that society has already defined me. Don’t you know that because I am female my main goal is to be beautiful.
I am the puzzle piece that won't fit The edges are aligned The picture matches
  Change. Its more than just a simple word, It’s a movement, a way of life. Too bad society has changed for the worse.  
We’re all artists, painting ourselves the way we want to be seen. We have our distorted self-portraits on display to the world, but we rarely let authenticity slip through.
For years I have been afraid, afraid of being a statistic. A statistic of rape, child abuse, depression, suicide attempts, and so much more.
Someone is watching me Raw skin, black and blue.  Bitter screams manipulate Frantic shadows smear me Bare arms ache Gardens storm behind Red roses sweat Lust and death 
Reality is the filter.  It's paramount.  It advocates our aspects in every particle of air, it pumps the hue into our cheeks with every breath.  In every wave of light,
Free, Happy, Loved, Unique and like no other, Thinking before I talk and confidence in the way I walk, Laughter is loud and full of joy, Not interested in trying to impress any boy. That's who I see.
I can tell you many things about myself, But will they be true? Will they truly tell you who I really am? I can give you the truth and I can lie, Either way you may never know who I really am.  
She shut the door in my face
Above all, I am a coward. My friends, my family, they would say differently They would say something nice, something sweet, something vapid
  Esto es mi rostro, body creaking, my wrist twisting, twisting, twisting, twisting... corporeal   Sera este mi rostro? is it the face in reflection shown, reversed, turned over,
  Looking in the mirror Finding ways to change My hair? My make-up?
Fiametta Under the layers of our years, Beneath that wizened crust,  sleeps the ageless spirit that once set fire to our eyes.
Authentic isn't something I would necessarily describe myself as.
Ask 90% of the people that know me who I am, and they’ll tell you- She’s a writer, She’s a scholar, She’s a daughter, a sister, An animal lover,  
If you happen to fit size-negative jeans steer clear of me. The amount of pizza I can inhale will sicken you Don't watch me sink my teeth into crispy then pillowy dough, cheese and grease oozing out,
You tell me I’m pretty, but what if that is what I don’t see.
I'm trying to write this poem. What do I even say? Do I talk about my life? Do I talk about my day?   Maybe I mention my merit, My scores and GPA? Should I list my awards, or my courses?
Behind the filters Behind the makeup Behind the faces of emotions There is a blank slate.   We start out as blank slates, Molded by the society that raises us, Makes us strong,
I have no use for filters I could not care less about them If you need one to see yourself Then who are you without them?   Cary Grant did not need one He looked sharp in any tone
"Tell me about yourself." My teacher thumbs through a stack of personality pages, plops one, unceremoniously, on my desk.   "This is just so I can get to know you all." 
They say that I'm an old soul that I'm wise beyond my years.
said the college application: please describe yourself  in 500 words of less.
shred the silver from my body.I take my finger tipsand peel the mirrors from my skin.instead of showing onlyreflectionsof others' emotions;instead of showing onlyperfection, I will uncage my heart
Behind the filters, behind the gaze, Lies a person who is afraid. They create an image that is fake, And others see this and do not take. The others know what is real and what is not,
Who am I? I am a gamer, a gamer at heart I love the pixels on the screen,
Shall I compare me to a wretched night? The tinder of my mind’s bone dead and dry, And the lightning’s wrath doth set the for’st alight. Tis’ a wonder that one would not die!
I rub my eyes, Eyeliner, Mascara, Streaks my face.   Makeup remover, Wipe, By wipe, It disappears.   I continue, Foundation, Concealer,
Little pixels on a little screen. They're bright, they're blinding little images that don't portray me. No one can see the science in my veins. No one can see the art in my hands.
Oh sweet, sweet depression. How are you doing my dear? You're pulling me down so far, Down so far I can't hear. Oh sweet, sweet depression. My arms become hungry, As my makeup smears.
 A gainless challenge it is to connect intellect proud with lashes long, eyes veined, and sanguine colors wetly flooding merriment into chapped lips and brown cheeks cratered;
Ordinary. Is what we are without all the excess Is what the world looks like day to day
      I'm broken but I'm strong, I'm flawed but I'm still beautiful in my own way, and I'm different but maybe different is a good thing.
Oh Hello. Hi. Uhm.. How do you do? I'd like to introduce myself to you. What you see is average.
Who I am to the world is not who I actually am. To the world they see me as the girl who is always happy and has her life together. They see someone that doesn't wear make-up because she is okay with how she looks.
Without filters I fear for my mind  and the tricks it plays on itself all the time Without filters in which I see the world My eyes would see opportunity everywhere and not just the beaches,
Behind the face There is only me Out at sea   Behind the face There is only love There is only passion   I raise my anchor  From my ship Out to see  
Abstract Is what I desire What I admire About the world Loving each other like when boy meets girl Or when Girl Meets Guy Love catches the gaze of the inner abstract eye
Take away the B.B. cream Wooden eye brush and chemical buttered lipstick And manufactured eyelashes, You have the foundation of a natural beauty.
She is me I am her How much more simple could it be? Dyed brown hair
My veins, branches, The sound, water of life, My heart beats, For the beautiful knife. This dagger, song, Takes me to another land, My very essence, Lies in one frequency band. 
Perhaps the window throws the view. Do you see me here, see right through? Does this window, a stained-glass face, keep it hidden, a secret place? I think sometimes I'm not what's seen,
Looking in the mirror I see many things those that vary from style to emotion and such in between Front view camera #Flip
I look in the mirror What do I see? A girl with pimples and wacky hair. Beautiful? Me?
I am pages filled with nonsense,
//time magazine calls us the “me me me” generation- they say we’re lost in a digital age and no google search could find us. we’re made out to be robotic narcissistic runaways defined in
Every pore I find god in I learn to see myself clearer 
Get ready for the picture Take the picture Filter the picture Edit the picture
I am a product of judgement and lies. 
The Sun hits the eyes just right, they appear more green than brown in the light Though hiding from the camera always smiling at the attempted capture of the moment
I look in the mirror and see That nothing is worse than me I know I'm alone So I simply moan There are tears in my eyes, But none hear my cries Every single friend Said "Here 'til the end"
The lens of a camera is a bridge built between two, The outside world and the real you. I often deceive the world with my filters, Trying to hide all my imperfect feature; But let me flip the lens,
You will never see me perform my poetry On America’s Got Talent. Ellen DeGeneres won’t Read this poem and invite me to Los Angeles, California to be
M modest, Mature, Magnanimous I intellectual, Intuitive, Idealistic C caring, Clever, Confident H helpful, Honest, Hardworking A athletic, Appreciative, Adventurous E energetic, Educated, Enthusiastic
There is a girl I see quite often at first glance she seems strong, but her face is softened. She laughs and smiles trying to fit in, but I see a girl who's actually comfortable in her skin.
How do I sound? Through the smile I place on my face Sometimes I sound like tears (I’m choking back) From the strain of all of this weight on my shoulders
My personality is quiet,
This Conversation is meaningless, Conversations about parties, and getting so fucked up that we forget everything the next day. Next subject: Boys. Which boy is hot? Who is the next boyfriend? Hook up?
I have a vagina
Slumber disguises your blemishesCrema smooths your skinAmaro makes you look olderRise makes you look thinLudwig brightens your features
I am calm like the river gently flowing knowing fairly well where I'm going. I am free like a bird flying overhead but not so free as to choose when I'm dead. I am small but I can make an impact
I am one whom is full of quirks, Within myself, weirdness lurks. To others, I may seem strange, But to myself, I seem perfectly arranged.
She's always sad, Barely able to bring a smile to her own face,  Like a move of her muscles would change her emotions She's always sad  Black cold eyes  Brutally beat  By old rage  Bruised hate
My photos without filters are beautiful I take a shot of the beach covered in ice The sky is gray, the water is gray, I capture The frigid temperature through the floating ice
What they say is (I’m too              s
Anxiety:A seven letter word thatKnocks the wind out of me every timeI am called to attention
i’m always sick for some it’s a burden, but i like it  
  As I stand,  I am not flawless.
The Painted Desert
There's this lassie she's so classy. Face like a clown society thinks she's worthy of a crown, but take it off without the make-up she is lost. Now a lady she's so pretty. May be a nerd
I don’t know who I am.     Behind the scenes,   a chameleon in costume. Dresses of armor and eyeliner sharp like a knife,                                            
the serpent says I should
I am a woman! #nofilterslam I am a strong independent woman who can handle her own.  Who is driven to achieve her career goals when grown.  Who is dedicated to a basketball team to stay in tone. 
  those who see the boy who smiles, the one who reads,
There’s a smile on my face and an air of confidence about me But that’s not me. The real me, well I keep her hidden   You must dig deep Beneath the smile that’s painted on my face
Whether it’s walking down the hall or strutting on stage
From the bottom? No from the top.From the top we shall drop.We shall drop until we come to a stop.Come to a stop at the mop.The mop is wild and brown.Wild and brown framing the face all the way down.
Perfect, is the overstatement; Imperfect, an understatement; In between those lines is me. I am the crayon colored outside the lines,
  A filter is an unattractive face covered with a mask Spraying perfume at the trash Covering a bad hair with a hat  
An endless plight of forty days and forty nights, The storm drowns my voice lost to the Void, Afraid to speak, to leave, and thrive,
Loud mouth, Too many words being spoken
Contrary to belief, Spanglish was never one of the languages I carried in my arsenal against Western imperialism. Spanish was the language I was given from Mexico; English was what I learned to survive and fight against the United States.
Life is a river running endlessly into the Depression Ocean.i do my best to get out, but the current always pulls me back in.
See how a man contemplates,
I don't wear makeup to hide, I wear it because I want to. I choose to not wear makeup not to hide, not to be seen, but because I want to. My beauty does not come from makeup or lack there of,
I am a wanderer I allow myself to explore the outer reaches of my mind and world
I've spent all my days looking on to tomorrow, but
Pull back the curtain that happens to be protecting a raw soul from how harsh the world can be   We all can be the same yet so varied in way that our filters seem stronger
I am a girl. But not a girl, I am a canvas. I am a blank piece of paper, ready to be made into a masterpiece. Make me into something pure, something raw,
Once upon a time I admired kaleidoscopes. A single spin and wonders unveiled Enthralling crystals contort [such twisted patterns]. Like so, take a spin, And I will don another face, another persona,
  Memories are a part of me, They drift apart from me. So many thoughts, just like my old matchbox cars, Simpler times---remember pogo sticks and toy guns,
Knowing every twist and turn, rise and fall,
Four. Freshman year. How many minutes, hours, minutes, hours, days, Would it take for the year to be over. 
A seventeen year old cocaine addict
Music is my voice Lyrics are my words A mermaids rejoice  In a broken world  My infectious laughter pollutes the air Jumping in imagination With love and hope everywhere Creating inspiration
The cloud surrounding my mind is dark
I’ve far too long been a drudge of a cracked screen But the likes and comments give me a sense of being Too comfortable to dismay the followers So I continue to act accordingly to society’s powers
Crema? Isn't that a coffee place?
As soon as I step onto pavement at The school I now attend, my smile becomes Affix'd. I must then straighten up my back And shoulders that are hunching down with weight, The pressure facing me-- they say conform
Spiders rest - Silently, awaiting darkness collars jingle - one dog rolls onto its Side the other licks it’s paws. banana’s lay still - covered with brown Spots  
Who am I? Who am I without the sounds of music?
Behind the Mayfair and the Valencia I am lost I know not who I am but I know who I'm not
I put on a facade. People think "Oh, you must be an extrovert," Or "What an outgoing chick!' I am loud 
veined ovals lean against the hose with small puddles, guests: though one more a guest than the other   towards that end, and treading amongst the surface she plays the Body living, breathing spinning
When I was a child I was my true self
Like the stars effortlessly twinkle against the roaring engines of travelling planes through the night  
A mirror stands before me Whispers of hate and laughter surround me They point out the outside flaws So I put on a mask to hide the hurt and the pain
Mad She’s a match that’s quick to light that’s not hard to put out. Short tempered, but quick to forgive. Merciful   Insecure She’s a puppy in a pack of wolves
Who am I without any of those filters or fake edits? Well I am me I am someone who is naturally beautiful yet goofy all by my personal line of credit I am someone with flaws just like anyone else
There are only one of me filters might change the surface  but filters dont change me I am a young man creating my own mark with a passion for new experiences  a history of mistakes, with more to come
Maybe I'm crazy and insane. Maybe we are not the same. But now I know what I see. Every time you look at me. It's innocence, That light. A light that shines through any dark night. And tho you are far away. These words I still have to say.
A poem written for people who are tired of being labeled.  
We were taught of depression
The me you see is nice and kind The me that's me wants to break stuff all the time I always seem so calm So happy I want holes in the walls Feel crappy The me that's me wants to break
She is in her little red car and it is Friday night, so she is laughing and the music is loud.   Next Friday night she is crying and she doesn't know exactly why
Snap. Here it is. A representation of who I really am. No "Valencia", "Lo-Fi", "Inkwell." No adjustments in Brightness, Contrast, or Saturation. Just me, simply me.
She trains herself to smile that perfect little smile, Who is she without 1977? She's a sad, sad girl with a growing pain inside, The filters hide her imperfections,
Lazing on the beach is where I'm most authentic.When my feet hit the sand, I shoot into the ocean like cannon of fun, bursting with excitement because I am surrounded by "stuff".Lots and lots of "stuff"!
When I was in the fourth grade I walked up to my dance teacher and said, “I am African-American.” She promptly spit out the water she was drinking and replied, “You’re half black?”
I could never grasp the concept of sugar-coating,
So the man in the mask What's he really like? Can you venture a guess?  
Rewind to the moment when you stood with your breats free, panties off, stress free in the bathroom.
Look at me.I mean it, look at me.Not at my face, look in my eyes.Look where my real beauty lies.I know you’ve been missing it for some time.Because on the outside,
I Am Me
Under the constellation Gemini I was born - the twins of the sky The yin and yang of the horoscopes The perfect way to describe me.   Fun, youthful, lively Never wastes one single moment
Why hide beauty, when it is all you can see? Shall you treat yourself to delights and one's rights
I do not have an hour-glass figure,
Authentic me is one that everyone sees, no makeup or filters, just scars and crooked teeth. The scars create a mask that is beautifully hurtful to the eye, its raw and vulnerable to those that reply.  
I am sharp features and a sharper tongue--
I've try to convert if I can The will of the canvas at my demand So many different ones to counsel in Purple, red, yellow, blue or green
Grab a strainer, filter or sieve Cover those ugly scars
Well: who am I, put honestly? Without facade, I seem to be A borderline dichotomy Between two frames of mind.   At first, I show my artistry: An optimist's philosophy Where I eschew gentility -
Selfie stick, Vienna filter Eyeliner, Mac brushes, fake lashes Pink lips, contoured cheeks Curling irons, skinny waists Thigh gap, high heels, short dresses  
I see me Not a me I want to see... but a me that I can't unseen A me that is viewed as incadescant in the eyes of the profane A me that sins to fit in with people that believe
For far too long I tried to walk down your road, In hopes that it would pull your attention to me This is the story how I got close to losing myself This is the story how I became so great!  
Hello! How may I help you? I greet each and everyone I’ve said it all for months, yet it feels like I’ve just begun More orders become messed up
Completely me. It isn't easy. But I can do it. Just watch.  You'll see.   Porcaline skin. Rosy cheeks. Bright eyes. All natural you see.   It's easy to try.
And every second now is as hard as two seconds then.  Knowing theres 86,400 seconds in a day, youve fought 172,800.
You wouldn’t notice her first in a crowd
Your hair may look a little dumb, When did you last pick up a comb? However, if that's just your style, It's no reason for exile.   When will you stop all that fear,
In a funhouse, I stare in awe at my reflection, Wishing I could live in a penthouse. My life, my perspective, my bias keep me going in the right direction.
In a world that is self-conscious; we fear how we will be treated Yet a single snap says a thousand words. Just looking at the lens it is like my whole life is reveled.
Always told to laugh Never told to cry
The mirror stares back at me in many ways it holds the key, outlining my curvy figure for all to see and bringing me back to my reality. No make-up upon my face for me to hide,
Without a mask who can I possibly be? Well I am me and that is very plain to see Seeing as I don't really have a mask There is not that much left that I need to reveal From my perspective I am simply me
Buckets of rain poured down from the sky, as though the angels wept, mourning what was to come.   I found myself lurking outside at school,shrouded in a black hoodie
Stop! Think for a moment.
Happiness and joy, money at my feet why not me? Families going through hard times people on the street, fearing things will never be the same seeing me, makes there day. Having a little more hope for change.
A girl with grace and style
To wake up with pain, To wake up with the same thoughts as yesterday To look at myself without knowing myself,
I was in love with filters. I mean why not? Being able to have my impurities Removed, what is there not to like? Filters enchance my beauty I would tell myself. Not knowing that the filters were
She looks like she hasn't slept in days I want to ask if the bags under her eyes are too heavy for her face.
I am a painter’s brush dripping and crossing across the paper. I am the bold outline of the harsh shape words That sometimes leaves my mouth before I can stop them.
I am both Angel and Devil; I am both Savior and Sin,
It is my name. I see nothing. No recognition for my name. I know no face.
If naked were acceptable, I would be silly, willy, proud I would see reflected in mirrors the figure of my youth I would get to sleep in nothingness, and wrap myself in clouds
Me As I pose for that picture
Tucked in and faded Blue or green with a logo Our daily polo
Things that those will never know By: Skylar Kodish Happiness is just one thing to think, Some believe in him, and others don't. He can be friendly, He can be mannered,
17 years young still don’t know who I am 17 years young I still don’t understand Without the music, the pictures, the friends I still try hard to make a trend I just got to comprehend
I was born with the sun in my teeth and hair with mercury pouring out of my fingers and toes Unburdened with the notion of needing to be anything at recess I practiced the sprinkler so I could be everywhere at once
Filters. Change your Look, change your Style. See everything through a Pretty Veil. Filters. Watch what you say, Watch what you do. Filter it all to fit The Room,
This black diamond This beautiful black diamond   Rare of the rarest There's more to why I cherish Such beauty that won't parish Nothing can compare it  
What I show you is, Not who I want to be, But what you want to see. I aim to please, Society. They say to me, "Be a tall, thin, Long haired, white teeth, Light-skinned beauty,
What I show you is, Not who I want to be, But what you want to see. I aim to please, Society. They say to me, "Be a tall, thin, Long haired, white teeth, Light-skinned beauty,
My struggle with anxiety is not as cute as my curled hair or my new outfit.  It certainly won't get as much love on Instagram, and the notes on Tumblr will remain at zero.
Every morning we look into the mirror We decide who we want to be today Are we boho, preppy, hipster, or some other crazy title We need a name for what we are, who we are that day What happened to being you
Who am I? I am not my facebook page I am not the number of likes on my Instagram post I am no the numbe of retweets on Twitter I am me. I am loving, caring, and kind I am friendly, funny, and quiet
Without the filters, I become the filter of what I want my life to be. I don’t care who you are or what you say- but the digits of pi mean everything to me. Newton, Nietzsche, and da Vinci make a wonderful pi,
When you see that pretty lone flower you pick. When you see the random round rock you kick it. When you see me you see nothing different,
Round face, chubby cheeks Acne all around
Taking pics on my electronics I start with make up add any accessories, Get the right angle and lighting
Honestly. I’m just a bit messed up I have wounds that heal And things I can’t even try to cover up   Actually. I’m unsure of myself And a little bitchy I live in a bookshelf  
Hide behind social media.It's the easy way out, right?Take the time, look within you.
1.      My fingers tremble at noon as I put them up to my face and although the second hand is red my heart still ticks faster. Anxious.
my first memory:looking into my reflection,desperateto find somethingthat could anchor me to myself,and jerking back with a screambecausethis could not be me  
Filters "Inhance" "make better" Let people see you for who you are Filters cover up your true beauty If you were suppose to look different you would have been created different
In the mirror, I see me. Friendly smiles: here and there. Don't you see? In my life, smiles are rare.   Filters seem to be the 'thing.' Hiding true emotions.
 The unbroken willow bends in the wind    Arms, or branches, outstretched, she reaches ever up       Toward a higher power. Unattainable? Fearing so.
There are momentsThey shimmer in the lights of my eyesWhere I see myselfI see a futureI see successI see happinessBut the moment passesI don't know whyI can't breath in the future
Behind the likes, filters, posts, and hash tags Away from the screen and into the light, There’s a girl who’d never raise her white flag.   She carries her dreams around in a bag,
Look, look at me  note what you see. A smile sweet,  Small blue eyes, Which cannot meet  Your steady gaze.   Do you, do you know My efforts to show Confidence?
                                   As a young womAn growing up on a reservation
Without the filters who am I? Without the filters will I die?   Millions persuaded to become something they're not, only to find that out that what's inside....has changed a lot.  
  Twelve dollars, Barbie doll. Learn your ABC’s. Count to one hundred. 
Authenticity - A Life Unmasked     Tall
My forehead is a little too tall My nose is a little too there My face is round and my hair just does this thing   I don't really care that insert celebrity name here is dating
Helium, Hydrogen, in my brain,
At age six instead of speaking about my behavior the teacher spoke about my weight at the age of 11 magazines taught me beauty was defined by the amount of makeup I wore...
My mind is whirling a million miles an hour,
I hide my beauty well My baggy sweatshirt A cloak of invisibility Protecting me From being seen For beneath it I am a silence Oppressive, deafening, overbearing
It is 4 o clock in the morning. There is no filter in this dingy dorm bathroom, just the flickering light of poorly distributed funds
Me? Oh, I, I am the girl, the girl with the curly brown hair, with straightened bangs, bangs that have grown too long— long enough to hide my eyes from the world
Who am I How am I perceived by others because when I look in the mirror I am not examining myself but viewing the flipped version of a puppet that everyone else sees 
Seeing me Is a different thing Than seeing me I throw up my shield For a reason My two foot thick walls Walls made of words And music And the things I love
For days tears have been in my eyes, even when night comes they are still there stinging to be sunderstood, but never do they fall. Nor do I understand nor do I think I want to.
I have shut down.
Sometimes my life is driven by the promise of academic success,  that the school of my dreams awaits my arrival, and that my fame and fortune will sprout from there.   
Vulgar Modest Deceitful Honest    Life is full of filters: Filter what you say, Filter what you do, Depending on 
Days are tough I put on a happy face Mask the pain   No one knows The real you beside few I feel lost   Tears fall down People always ask, "why be sad?" "Just be happy"
Some people contest with me about my own identity, As if I were a defined word they knew, that I was not keen on understanding.
When you're left alone
Before the night During the day We all hide In several ways Hair in face is my way With no filter on I have many flaws face like sand and nose so tall
Awake in the dark Wondering when it will end Alarm set for 6
No filters needed A selfie reflects you
i'm not perfect and neither are you. but maybe the first step towards getting the right view of ourselves is to stop putting just our filtered face forward and pretending that we are.
I wish I could be the pretty girl The popular one The one that everybody knows The one that everyone wants to talk to The girl everybody wants to hang out with But no I'm not the pretty girl
If I ask her if she’s smart, She would humbly reply, I like to think so. She doesn’t flaunt what she has, although What she has is a great heart,   A great heart that cares for all
"Tact is just saying not true stuff; I'll pass" - Cordelia Chase No qualms in walking To the girl who talks behind my back And talking to her front.   No reason to censor
One look at me and what do you see? A high school senior just skating by? The captain of the cheer squad with her pony tail up high? Do you see the supportive sister of two young soccer players?
There’s not much to say about Yasmine Lambert. She’s an artist. A friend. A sister. And perhaps a bit of a high functioning sociopath.
Behind the black and white edit of my picture is the color of insecurity, doubt, comparison. I can choose to filter the blemishes, creases, flaws.
You say I'm beautiful, and you say I'm special.
I am from the screams of the silent Who has fantasies of living lavish  But too poor to buy it. I am from the slow beats of a drum Thump...thump...thump. I am from the unknown
i am agression i am anger i am hatred and compassion i am lovely and spiteful
Incredible. An unsung paradox Wiggling its way into life as we know it
Without a filter I am me Which sometimes can be contradicting I love the way my eyes look when they catch the sun mid-day But I can't stand the heat
I am insecure. I am retarded. I am artistic. I am so Hipster. I am a Goth. I am a Skater.  I am a prune. I am the devil and your favorite whore.  I am a guardian angel.
My body is
I can't speak, and I won't say
Calloused hands and smiles, Hugs, smoothies and sweaters, Sunflowers, nectarines and long heart felt calls, Dyslexia, crazy dreams and hiking, Banana pancakes, chai tea and laughter,
They want to know the real her But I don't know the person myself We can start slow Like waking up on a Saturday By describing her as a light She radiates life and brings warmth everywhere she goes
Turning the corner, her feet needing no guidance as they pound the hardened cement.   To the cobalt blue, did her eyes wander up. Blown into a niche, seven or more, there they hung.
Authentic versions caught on the slip of the tongue,
And as I hum broken syllables caught in a broken lung,I come off as an oddity within the realm of Normalcy,Because my struggles to be them, they can never see:
"You're white, you're a girl, your life is easy." On the outside looking in, I suppose: I am white, I am a girl. I come from a white family Born into happiness and health. Raised with respect and manners.
We cover our faces and hide petty flaws, These masks we all wear Hide so much potential.  Be it makeup, or sports, or popularity from peers, Everyone is hiding something. But what no one seems to realize
A mouth full of imperfect teeth that chomp away lifes troubles
In the lens of a camera, you will see An altered version of the real me: An angled frame, Hair that is tame, And anything else that shows off my "game". But in the lens of my soul, and the frame of my mind,
I am a philosopher, who hasn't earned Plato's type of recognition I internalize the world, and develop a greater sense of cognition An optimist at my finest, I understand the actualities of the mind
You look at me, I look through you Every burn I have ever acquired i carry with me under my coat like stolen watches on sale How do people let go How does something that once meant everything to you disappear like smoke
Big Girl. I am a big girl,  And they don't cry right? They don't show off their Broken bones, broken hearts, broken anything Like a shiny, new toy.  
N- not your average student O- on his journey to success A- always intelligent, astute and prudent H- heavily motivated to do his best J- just preparing for his future O- obtaining clues to a proud life
Who do I become 
The moment you lose your best friend and who use to be The moment you look in the mirror and see who you never wanted to be or hated to be, you are exactly alike to the T
Through the looking glass stands a female. Not yet a woman, but no longer a girl.    Through the looking glass emotions set sail. A smile that hides pain, but still greets the  world. 
The moment you lose your best friend and who use to be The moment you look in the mirror and see who you never wanted to be or hated to be, you are exactly alike to the T
they're beyond addiction, 
Perfect Flaws There is no reason to hide anymore, let the world shine on the flaws you gladly present. For your flaws, make you, you. Embrace them, without them, you wouldn’t represent.
if you peeled away my layer of makeup you'd find soft skin and calloused extremities tearing away he skin you'd see the veins that pump passion troughout my body
  Loose and wildGoofy and crazyI am meAnd me am I!   Haha, I love getting into the zoneAnd being myselfSome say I can’t shut upOthers tell me I’m a mouse  
There are those same brown eyes that stare back at me in the mirror every day Happy? I don’t know, but I could fool anyone I sometimes stand emotionless and empty inside, but appear complete on the outside
Athletic, studious, quiet To some, I am plain Funny, ditzy, and very determined To others I am insane   I have an opinion- A strong one, in fact- That some may never hear
I am fleeting; I have come I have gone   
No filter needed, I will always be me I am who, I am  It's who I'm meant to be No makeup, no fancy style to my hair Natural beauty is the one for which I care I am short tempered, I am my mommas child
Makeup applied Hair shines, blow-dried Stylish clothes picked out to fit just so. Sitting through art class,
Who am I When the world is not directing me? Am I a runner Who finds her inner peace on the trail? Am I an explorer Who likes to see the world from the view of a tree? Am I a cook
I am worthy.
No makeup. There's a bump here and there, blackheads and redness, and pores that I wish were smaller. My hair down. It's curly and imperfect, It's way too short and thin in the front. My stomach and thighs
My pictures have been fake for years My eyes don't sparkle like they used to I try to drown out my mind with music and drinks My heart and soul don’t quite work right I'm hurting on the inside  
I cannot do fancy card tricks, I am nowhere near the top of my class, I am just another average individual. Except.  I have something most of them don’t. Vibrant. Exotic. Fiery-Red.
I am an expert at breathing exercise In and out is my forte Cause I’m not quite sure if  I’m ready to double over in rage Or simply let it go. When I forget to breathe, I am a spitfire
There is this power to all Something that can be taken with awe
I Am...Who am I?   Who am I? I am x- An unknown, never constant, and always drifting.
I am wild, I am raw I am the one resisting the maw of these people who say I'm wrong I will remain unchanged until the day when I see the light of this uncreative night when those who brought me down
I can only be me, whoever that is. From my kinky hair to my stubby feet they try so hard to beat. They can never compete with a diamond like me.
There lives a boy beyond the edge of fantasy
Behind the screen is not what it seems.
On stage, with a smile on and friends and family with a front row seat. The lights go off and the curtains close, that's when I'm the real me.
The basic stuff that enchance my beauty, is not me. What is me , is the word flawless. I am as FLAWLESS as the word means.
I am the trunk of the chopped tree submerged under the weight of trampled earth. I am the dirt underneath your finger nails. I have no polish. I am Sandy's nephew and Katrina's first love.
Justice, morality, reason, equity All in which America lacks A nation broken by oppresion and killing Becoming absorbed by laziness; oblivious to the prejudice and unjust laws Filled with bias and partiality
My heart is racing. 
Rebecca Harris No Filter Scholarship Slam 13 February 2015 Buried Treasure If the world chose who I would be
Why change how you look? Embrace your uinque qualities Don't change for anybody Always stay true to yourself.
"I Am"
I remember the first day
To see into the essence of my being, One must scrape away the topical layer of an extroverted socialite. To take a glance into the depths of being,
Music had so much emotion and soul
There's an island.
  I can hide my imperfectionswith just one clickwith one click I can change my hair, my skin, my whole face But, there is one thing that remains constant, my eyes
Add a little here, add a little there. Hide this and hide that. Am I accepted if I hide behind this hat? Can I show you the real me, or will it be your judgement that kills me. Am I one of you now?
I'm a character of high demand, I stand with a clench fist at hand, I intend to give you the much needed excitement, of a firstmate who spots land, A man who could not stand, 
We tend to cling to the peak of the known, Terror and the abyss await unless shown, That the core of the tower is an empty throne, Or at best, something to be overthrown.  
Illusions casted Childhood memories awake Clear lenses of me 
Left or Right? Up or Down? Black or White? The switch is found   Life or Death? Give or Take? Crack or Meth? Lose the fake
look at me the way i'm supposed to be. look at my heart, not my face. look at my heart, no disgrace. don't judge based on my looks judge based on my acts. look at me
As the moon starts to rise,
so midless and numb; i remember the feeling of blades on my skin
When I was five I wanted to be a princess.
Head down.      Eyes plastered to the pavement.
I am not the cutest but i impress,  I am not the most perfectionate but i past the test, I am a creation just like many others, I am a wonder, I don't hide what's under, When I am being me I smile with a cheer,
Who am I? What do I look like without a filter? Well... I'm beautiful Who ever thinks otherwise is a blind fool. Because we all have beauty, all different types make our visage.
​The girl in the mirror is nothing Compared to the photo.      The photo's colors are vivid and bright,      Compared to the ghost in the mirror. The photo is alive and warm,
Ugly, repulsive, boring, plain Is what we believe others see in us. But through filters there is nothing we gain, It’s our own mind that creates such a fuss.   Take away the photoshop and filter,
Makeup and picture themes Time well spend
Dear me, This is you telling yourself, That though there is a lot going on, You are alright; Now is just a moment of many more to come,
Lover of my son No better name than mommy You make life so fun  
Green is magnificient, No color is ugly; But clear is perfect.
Broken and beaten, no one can see Battered and abused, no one can tell. I smile, but I wage war, My mask is flawless And the war is going. My mind is free while my body may be shackled.
I spend many years waiting for that person to treat me like a princess.  I did not commit in the past because I knew deep down in my heart neither person was truly ready for the commitment of my heart.
18 May 2014   You have a whole life ahead of you. You are young and beautiful and have so much potential. Times may be tough but sometimes it doesn’t hurt to look past that.
16 May 2014   All I want is to be remembered. I want to be in your best memories, Or maybe even your worst. It doesn’t matter what kind, but remember me for something.
18 Feb 2014   I sit here in class, thinking about your past, my past. Relationships are difficult and so are my thoughts. Too much for you? I questions your questions
I am a brilliant light.  Don't tell me otherwise. I'll prove you wrong Or I'll try.  It's hard, really--when the light is faded.  When layer after layer after layer is wrapped and peeling
With my words as my paint
Click! Snap! Flash! Damn, I still look fat. Maybe if I use...No Maybe if I put on...No Snap! Snap! Click! Oh great! Is that a fucking zit?
My backgro
I walk the halls, invisible. I call my friends; no one is home.  I ask my mom, "I'm busy, dear." Is there ever anybody really there?   I look at my reflection, not liking what I see...
no filter i am who i am regardless what i can i do what i like regardless if people on with my hike
Without a filter, I am seen.
even the stongest people can break with all the things on their plate what doesnt kill you makes you stronger  so they say, leaving scars that linger  life gives us things that we can handle 
I am a fleeting fragment
The dimples behind my smile That could brighten the darkest of days And make the angels sing. A filter?
A person often recalls That a brick building represents a secret. Because some people build up their walls As a promise or personal agreement.   I, however, think of brick in a different light.
Validating to the world what I can do-
"Filter" a word used to hide, a word used to cover things up. Filters don't show how you look inside. They muffle screams, and shatter dreams. Making it hard to decide, who you truly are.
My name is so long and hard to pronounceI strive for the best of my ability with every ounce 
It's crazy to think and hard to believe,
I'm not deep I'm not dark I'm simple. Not a simpleton,  No. I have fun Outside of the house Outside of the box   I run and stay active Face my problems: proactive
There’s something comical
  Every year bleaker than before, trying to get out and ignite me
How do you see the world?  Is it black and white?  Or full of sunshine?  Do you see flowers everywhere? Or are they just weeds?  Do see it all bad?  Or like there could never be wrong?   
It depends on the day Whether I feel the need to prod myself for an innate thought I bask in the inane shallowness that is myself My eyes still sting when the saltiness of the sea washes into them
Unleashed from the chains of superficiality, And yet unveiled to the castigation of my characteristics Unfiltered, I am vulnerable.   Decorated with charismatic and captivating attributes and achievements,
“You’re too young to understand.” “You’re too young to starve yourself.” “You’re too young to be in pain.” “You’re too young to have scars on your wrists.” “You’re too young to want to die.”
Lost With A Mission Truely One Cannot Be. For A Mission Is A Guide For A Greater Journey.
My bones are fine china, delicate and breakable. But my will is a diamond, passionate and brilliant. My skin is worn, scarred and used. But my body is a flower, bright and alive.
I know what the world expects of me, And I’m pushed to make sure that’s what they see. But I ask you to look farther.
Marquel has thick, tangled hair. He has big feet; and struts without a care.   Marquel has small eyes. He has big lips; that tell honest lies.   Marquel has dark brown skin.
In photos, I use rosy hues to soften my hardened edges and create the illusion of a “gentle” appearance.
even unfiltered, i'm still an enigma. a brain full of musfeul prose. unknown, even to myself. a collection of thoughts, that were manipulated by others.   unfiltered, 
Words without reproof, naked and ashamed, Unheard, but reached by hundreds; they’re my words spoken. But I am the king of the Jungle! A lion untamed.   My power lies within the boundaries I have proclaimed
There goes my throat As it begins to close Tightening Strangling A noose that won’t Stop hanging   Shaking fingers and Sweaty palms I can’t go on Because my legs feel
She likes tights and baggy shirts.
Click. Shutter. Snap. The color burst and reality cracks into millions of pixels that you refuse to put back.  Digital world of digital needs earases who you should be.   Cold water. Reality checks. 
The drive remains the same when I go home, take off my make up, remove myself from the daily cares of this world  only my true self remains to sit and reflect  
The drive remains the same when I go home, take off my make up, remove myself from the daily cares of this world  only my true self remains to sit and reflect  
It's amazing how often you hear That life is not fair You hear it often but stll nobody seems to care. It creates a deep and inner pain that is dfficult to mask and hide
#nofilter is never trending in my life yet
Who am I, through a completely organic lense? A lense with no skewer or sharpener no falsehoods or pretends   What am I in an entirely natural glow? A glow that eminates my true personality
What I Am by Jadon Brown   What more do I have than what I am? An incomplete vessel in the hands of the potter,
Once more I try, I play pretend, I won’t deny. The angles are all wrong now… The filter will lie to thine eye, It does not show the light within my heart only the light upon face
i Dare say by Sean K   The expectations of tomorrow make us ignorant. Avoid assuming the most dire, like death. Avoid suffering with every decision. Or dare I say! Hope for a better.
Identity is more than a name, Identity is who I was and who I became. Underneath the thick veneer, My heartbeat lies and holds all my fear.   And with each click and thump and beat,
Looking at a photo Of myself I see, Someone ordinary Someone just like me.   When I look in the mirror, I’ll be honest and say There’s a lot I would change, I wish it every day.  
My filter, My mask, My wall, No matter
Each day I spend looking into the eyes of othersAt this girl who writes meaningful poemsAt this girl who watches way too much tvAt this girl who makes sarcastic remarks about every little thing
Behind the dazling smile lies a person hurt by pain and bitterness. Masks are not for the weak, We wear them to hide our inner self. No one wants to see that ugly monster, Hypocrite, b*tch, a**hole. 
I am Ombré
I drive up with my radio blasting Luke Bryan ,and my hands up high ready to have a good time.
hey, i’m me. no, i’m not the me you see. i have masks i like to wear. they smile and laugh without a care. but that’s not me. not the real me. i actually cry myself to sleep. sometimes i laugh.
I AM the rishing ashes of a burning Phoenix, eager to shed the flaws and imperfections of my old skin in order to become stronger and braver than before.
The smile in my facebook profile picture is a filter, one that sends the message that I am happy   I put makeup on that day, but contrary to popular belief, I did it for me
It's the same old thing again. A teenage girl with "nothing to complain about", Complaining about the things no one sees.   They see a roof on my head, shoes on my feet, Food on my table, clothes on my back,
Behind the Vile
I don't care what people think of me if "Im ugly" without make up
As a child I was a gas. light, calm, careless, scattered Now I am a liquid. taking the shape of my container, spreading thin, reaching out, searching to fill something, anything. Someday I will be a solid.
Dancing in the moon beams and glowing of the stars
Soft hands curved thesedark, cracked lips,always stained withbright red paintlong made part of the skin.
While the world splits meAnd everythingIn twos,The only option that fits meI'm not allowed to choose.When I tuck up my hairIt's not to impress you.So don't tell me what I should wear.
    for the gallery, i choose my mask: when i am LO-FI everyone envies my eyes as green as fields of clover
Who am I ? I am a lion who is waiting to be heard I am the bird in the cage that sings I am the one who has hand out to  help another I am the voice that rings and is not heard
The q
Masks of make up, I have not. Emotional barriers put up on all fronts, stripped away reveals a young child, constantly looking to please those around her. Insecurity and abuse, leaves her with a heavy heart.
I am a rat. No, not one of those scuttling Vermin that nibble on ropes and scare Passersby in dark city alleys... I am the kind of  combustable rat, Born before February 8th, 1997,
Remove the filters that surround our lives.  Don't sugarcoat it to the ones outside.  The world as we know it can be harsh and cruel, so let's not pretend that it always looks cool.
Kisses that chase wishes by Katelynn Wilson.
I am not a perfect girl I have sloppy handwriting
The greenish-yellow tint of a photo
The adhesive on labels never seemed to stick to me.
take away the filters take away the makeup take away the hair product   Who am I underneath all these disguises?  Dark circles under my eyes passed down from generations Long flat brown hair
Hiding behind a filter The only way to be noticed in a world full of people But why hide behind the blurry glass When I could show you who i really am I believe in fairytales, and happy endings
Life is different without filters, It's more beautiful, unique, and rich.
I wear a filter everywhere when I do my make-up and my hair, black and white is my best friend, x-pro 2 and rise until the end, on instagram, I'm almost flawless, tan, with barely any acne,
when one takes a scroll through my instgram feed they see a girl who is a animal lover,music lover, food lover and a make up enthusias but when I the stop posing
Behind the cameras, the broken records, melacoly videos, lies a shy person trying to hide from it all.   Behind the little makeup, forced dresses, wanted suits of old, they sleep,
Being yourself can be an inspiration to other people.
I once had a man tell me it isn't ladylike to curse I once told a man to fuck off   Me encanta mi maquillje,es mi protecion, es mi ropa para mi cara But I do it for me,   
The girl behind the filter She wears it like a mask Thats the real question If you truly must ask Whose that behind the filter And why she's wearing a mask
From the top of the stair a whisper came Who are you, and what is your name? I responded with I’m your babysitter and it’s getting late My name is Sarah and your parents are on a date  
Who am I deep down? Am I flawless, or am I hidious.  What do people think of me deep down. She is perfection, she is distruction. But deep down I am just me. I am me. Not you or her or him or them.
Down the narrow streets Facing the brick wall I see myself, I see how the bricks stack up, becoming who I am.  Each family member, problem, and identity crisis
my face lies bare of foundation, exposing my imperfect skin tones my eyebrows reflect of asymmetry, craving for a proper wax my lips require a fuchsia lipstick, whispering gossip of insecurity
a love notewritten by a teenagermight be rifewith promises of foreverwith entwined hands
Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, who is she Is that me? I wish it wouldn't be That hand, that hair, that voice, that name That - that what happened I was caught In the static electricity of my mind
I photograph myself Trying to capture moments of instances in which I feel Beautiful,confident, strong; even if for just a single frame.
This is me Unedited,  Unfiltered me I am the cries at night when hearts break The anger when it's broken I am the fear when the world is coming down The tension felt when it's falling
Behind the filters there is a mask Never seeing the beauty without them Always wearing makeup Always a smile Without it all who am I? What would people really see If they ever saw the real me?
You wonder who I am deep down inside, Down past the emotions i tend to hide? That is a question with split answers For I am made from two seperate cultures   My ancestors from two diffferent places
Signs all around don "Dance Like no one is Watching," "Sing Like no one is Listening," or "Love Like There is no Tomorrow." My life, my personality, and my actions align with these, and are conststantly evolving.
Scared. Alone. Trapped. Epilesy.   Legs shaking. Arms convulsing. Body tremors. Mouth slobbering. Deep breathing.   Cant move. Cant speak.  
Since last Thursday night, my three year old man has Disappeared into the clutch of Time.   My three year old man can do so Much more than I thought he could. He plays the keys with more
Pimples, stray hairs, double chin What's that thing below my eye? Internet girls look so thin She has freckles; why don't I?   But have you seen her off the screen? Not through Facebook, not on Tumblr
I am an Individual Everything about me is my own Nothing less than a miracle I am an open book, so let it be known  
What would the world look like unfiltered? No more false personas or fake facades. We see beauty in nature, Not because it conceals who it is, But rather embraces its true self.
I've fallen in love with this R O M A N T I C I Z E D culutre of self-love. It tells me, "please no one  but yourself.   "Don't care what you look like, 
Eighteen years old! Finally realizing that my life is not my own. I wait until mama leaves the house, so that I can finally be me. I close my bedroom door and drop down to my knees.
I do my best to be happy  I try not to snap but I've loved so much  and been loved so little Its hard to trust  when you're split down the middle. A heart broken so much The pieces so little
I Am Perfect. What is that you say? How could you No makeup, hair EvErYwHeRe, bags under your eyes from lack of sleep Be PERFECT? That isn't what I see...
What do I believe in? Every sunday, as a little Jay I'd go to church to sing and pray In the back of sunday service I'd stay and play But as years came I began to sway No longer did I feel blessed
  Every day I wake up, and when I look up in the mirror
Various shades of colors Black White Tan All so equally beautiful  Yet there is people who dare judge People so full of anger and a hallowing emptiness Raise your voices
Who am I? I am a hybird A warrior who wants to defeat An underdog who cannot defeat   Why is this who I am? I am experienced
through her eyes
My fingers lace through The yellow bag straps. Playfully, I tilt my head to the left.   A smirk on my face.
I want things-   I want to Travel, I want to be Happy, I want to be Someone's Inspiration, I want to Fall in Love, I want to Make a Diffrence, I want to be Independant,
Will to love the wrong person Their ugliness never seems to bleed
I am a teenager I am reckless I make mistakes I stay out late and do nothing I am on my phone all day    I am a student I have 3.0 GPA I am a leader I take too many AP Classes
Who am I with no filter ? Ask what is music without the mixer Raw & uncut Vintage with more love  An image of inperfection  Not even shades could fix my indentations  Looking through a lens  
Small little girl so soft so sweet; So broken so torn, sometimes she wished she was never born. Small little girl who looked out to the world, She saw all the makeup, and all the girls trying to fake up.
Play me like a fiddle, boy,
If there's one thing I know, it's not how to right a poem How do I make my words rhyme and flow? Up until now, I thought I knew it all. I don't need anybody, not a mom or a dad. but see, I was wrong.
She looks so happy they say The truth is, you caught me on a good day I'm an aspiring artist I'm not on the popular list I am a fundraiser The feeling of helping people could not feel greater
i have no filter i keep it real, always express the way i feel.  my words may be vulgar and leave a sting, i don't care i'm spreading my wings.  flying high i'll never return.
I am dark eye circles. I am nothing but gross, winter skin tapered onto a bored face. I am yellowed teeth, and thanks to dad, hideous manbrows.
I am not la
I am a student at an upper level school with a high IQ and a propensity for being an upper member of society earning a six-figure salary and perhaps sculpting our society as it stands.
Old Soul Who I am exactly is perplexing to say,
I just want the me I was before I knew what it was like to have to live each living day without you, it's been such a long time since I've seen me and I miss me
Flawless, to be perfect in every shape or form,
1. I am beautiful. 2. I don't owe anyone anything. 3. I am trapped inside the cesspit of destruction that is my mind. 4. I love people; they take my sadness away. 5. I have been sad for a very long time.
Why am I the way I am?
If I must confess
Dark spot with white swirl. Crushed cinammon spice kisses. Would you like more milk?
I am elamef. To be elamef is to be faithful and take the blow. To be elamef is to be light with no medium to show. To be elamef is to be heard but not to be seen. To be elamef is to be powerful but only in a dream.
I'm just another colored kid living in the suburbs. Picket fences all around, all painted my neighbors color.
People, in life, learn to see Themselves just as titles--
Sometimes people do things bad things good things things in-between.   But always the world spins and spins and spins.   Sometimes those things the good
Feminism The theory of the poilitical, social, and economic Equality of the sexes; That is what defines me  A feminist is who I am. I fights for my sisters rights and choices
Here I am Me A Girl, No  A WOMAN Who loves her family  More than words  or song could even tell A Woman Who Cares Cries Fights  and Loves I am A WOMAN
I’m hecking emotionally aloof Somebody tells me they love me So I tell them ‘thanks’. But like really I’m pretty clingy I need attention 24/7 But from my close group of friends. AND GUESS WHAT WORLD!
Without my filter, I am who I am I'm smart, I'm young, and I'm one of a kind When it comes to romance, I go above the line Peel back the layers and you'll see who I am   Without my filter, I am who I am
Height, Weight Perfect Size, Fat Thighs, With The Mind Of A Great!
The first time he held my hand I wanted to cry.
You are safe, she whispered softly stroking the crest of my cheek with her thumb and I could feel the ridges of her identity in the tips of her fingers like I could feel the water wrap around my body
If I succeed, best believe you're the reason I am me, If I fail, remember you were the reason I tried to be,
If everything's possible, is it possible for me to b
I am an agriculture nerd, I love sows, cows, and plows, I am a memer of FFA, I am for using our resources, I believe grass is for cows, I believe cows are for food, I know people are hungry,
Looking at what we most often see
No filters, No makeup, Its the real me
Dehumanization Along with Slavery and Technology
Without a filter life is real Each and every face My smile revealing off white teeth My hair all out of place. Big cheeks just like a chipmunk Glasses nice and square Most people think they’re nerdy
A mix-up, mash-up mosaic, a little lass full of love and longing. I am not behind a wall of trick-photography. What you see is the unedited me.   A glitter-loving, gentle gal,
Slumber, Crema, Ludwig, Aiden. See the work my fingers create without the milky surface of a filter. You can't hide the pride or the joy that elicits underneath my pulsing words with a degree of polish.
What am I When I am not a thumbnail An emoji A jumble of pixelated parts? What are my words When they escape from my mouth Unedited Unscripted Unable To be deleted?
Contained in body, Thoughts journey unchecked, untold, Where stories unfold.
I wish I could talk to you. Respond to all the gunshots you fired at me. Explain the constellation of pockmarks crowning my mind. But I am just a shell of what I used to be. Flimsy. Fragile. Empty.
In the lens of society, pefection is what we seek. We strive to be flawless, and show off a perfect physique.   Social media is the culprit, for what we think and do.
Upon waking, hair amuss lumber to the sink my teeth need brushed i note my hair looks great, as it most times does, so before i grab he toohpaste, i flaunt it for the mirror, edges have rust...
You take life by storm,But you do it on other peoples toes.You love meeting new people,But you worry what their thoughts are saying about you.You are the wallflower placed in the crystal vase,
Behind every selfie, without a filter, is a natural born beauty, I don't need makeup, to hide my face, I am beautiful inside and out, I'm not just some pretty face, there's more than that,
I am beautiful I am my mother's lips I am my father's smile I am my sister's freckles  I am beautiful I am not my acne I am not my scars I am a work of art built by the universe
I like poetry & feeling grass between my toes on a warm day, but I also enjoy sand & the grains that stick to my skin for hours later, despite a shower.
You ask me who i am, you ask me what i do, you tell me i am beautiful,but if you only knew. Beneath the Skin and Makeup, beneath the nice hair do, You will find a searching soul, whos goals Iwill persue.
Who or what hides beneath the makeup Or is lost under the facade of clothes Stripped down to bare skin Revealing the all natural A sprinkle of freckles dance Aimlessly across cheeks flushed with pink
Look at me. @ me. At me. Who am I with no filter? I am me. Me speaks louder than likes. I speak louder than likes. I like that I can be accepted for who I am. Because who I am, is more than a picture.
People seek ways to criticize and hurt,  I have been pushed and shoved 
Bisexual You think the meaning is easy to grasp But for some not so much "Are you sure your bisexual?" Yes I'm sure "Really? I mean some girls do it for attention."
I thank God for my existence with him it's about persistence. Life is a wheel of fortune without a plan there is a distortion. The mission is to inspire, for reaching each misfit the spirit elevates me higher.
How am I with no filter? I wake up every morning two hours before school begins to filter myself.
Through the lens, you see is a smiling girl.
I am not a girl you would find in magazines Unruly hair, sweats before jeans, eating an unhealthy cuisine. I am not a girl you would find on a movie screen Playing by my own rules and I hate being treated like a machine.
Rooms are quiet places when there's nobody inside them. A lot of times I think that the silence is caused by the awkwardness between the invisible, humiliating thoughts that people have left behind: casual glances running up stockings
I know America I can speak it But not sing it For I sing unusually In a separate language “Mi vida Americana”
I am Lauren kelly I am 17 years old I'm an alcoholic and an addict I do not know when I will go home I have craving and I shake my life is unmanageable  I promised myself that I would never change 
It's like looking into a broken mirror. Each snapshot captures a different shard of life, Reflects only what I want it to. The pieces are glued carefully together and framed.  
Disarmed of all the constructed pride Once carefully built like a house of cards The creature flows naked with nothing to hide Growing tentacles extending towards stars Unknown and alone even with one of its kind
Post-camera angling, perfecting our facial expressions, we hold our breath as we click the button that supposedly captures the real you-- However in today’s society, seizes the artificial.
Post-camera angling, perfecting our facial expressions, we hold our breath as we click the button that supposedly captures the real you-- However in today’s society, seizes the artificial.
“Eyebrows on fleek, selfie game strong, always 100” More like eyebrow filler, Instagram filter, phony pretender “Long hair don't care, thug life, hashtag boss”
I was 4 when I held my brother in my arms with a grin on my face
Orange juice Sloshes around its container as I shake it Flows into the glass as I pour it Leaves its tangy flavor on my tongue as I taste it. My taste buds applaud
Oddly amusing No really, truly.   A voice akin to honey as it falls Yet a laugh of a hyena when it calls.   Amber skin,  With hazel eyes.   One who values virtue,
I’m running out of energy 
People in my generation are odd.  We all seem to think we need filters.  On our pictures, On our life,  On what people see about us, But not on the words we use.  I have no filter. 
P- Perfection is only a fantasy, it does not exist A- All I feel and see in myself are the insecurities in the mirror in front of me T- Talking to myself and hiding behind music and a journal, perfectly describes me
Without all the filters, without the different poses I know who I am and God only knows it I am free to be me in my crazy condition My wild mind could be shown at an art exhibition
I squeal in the silence of my bedroom When I am excited Because I am just me   I sing out loud While my headphones are on Because I am just me   I listen to myself talk
5.51 am The sound of my alarm reverberates through my right earhole to my left I try to fight the urge to go back to the realm where I lay down and forget everything 5.55 am
I’ve done it, you’ve seen mein black and whiteI’ve sucked all the color outbecause the vibrancy frightens me
This is me I'm far from perfect
I am a product of the alley ways and corner fig
Free. I am free. Without a filter, I am free. I do not need the mask, without a filter, I am free. I do not waste my time in faults, without a filter, I am free.
On Saturn's ring she sits crossed legged sparkling and stiff as a crystal
The filters I use do not come close to defining me You could catch me so high in a tree I talk to, all different types of folks
Living that 32 GB lifestyle, posed photos taking up my space. Out to dinner? Let’s take a pic… They all look the same Family, friends, or coworkers hopping in the shot
The kitten is small when its born. Its born shivering, naked, and silent. It has no voice. When its surrounded by other kittens, naked and cold like her, she will never experience change. "I don't want to be like you.
I am seen as that cute girl with a perfect mind, A perfect smile, A perfect life. I am not that cutesy girl. My monster tells me I am possessed by other me. Other me tells me I am weak.
I was raised perfectly with nothing wrong, My life was happy and full of song, And laughter and dance, And everything grand So I had no right to complain. I had no right to be in pain.
#nofilter  ...  Oh just a silly hashtag again  Just lay on the bed  With your arms hovered over you  With an iPhone glued to the ends  Titled sideways  Eyes half way shut 
My name is Michael,   I like romantic dinners and long walks on the beach, yeah right im not just some 90's date show, I game and watch netflix until the late hours of every night,
"She's the one who likes to read." "I heard her talking about a TV show once."
Bare. Exposed Heart red and raw, pulsing weakly, pushing on Bruised. Purple White lines mark old scars Ugly without restoration within. Ashes.   Green buds. Pushing upward
You are not ordinary. Don't settle for just average, but don't expect too much or you'll fall and hurt. You are not lost. Don't confuse searching and pre-planning as a step back from where you are now.
I am just an Untitled masterpiece,  With the flaws of Judgement,  Others throwing colors at me,  I just want to sing in harmony,  and let others hear the tune of my melody,    But when I am alone, 
A selfie sounds like a snap   A plastic click and a scrape   Like a climber's hook
I am stripped down in front of a full length mirror Face bare of beauty regimens, bra and panties thrown to the floor My toes flirt with the lace as I watched myself… There was nowhere to hide.
    Who are you? me? I am you without the mask.    Why are you running away so soon? I know what you are going to ask.    Will you ever tell me who you really are? I guess I can.
Step one make up Step two Hair Step three lighting Step four angle  Step five filter Step six take fifty photos Step seven pick just one   Because just one has everything I want
               Double-tap to like Like the filter or the person it hides Hides the flaws and imperfections Perfect imperfections   Flawless creature but with weaknesses Weakness is strength
I am addicted to Netflix.
Hiding in
Freak Weirdo Skinny Stick Bird Jesus Freak Those names won't define me no more Words used by YOU I am who I am I no longer want to be accepted If you don't get me
You are not invisible not in any way, shape, or form. I know you see things differently. you dont have a "set in stone" way of thinking. You think of evrything, possibly, too often.
CACHINK the camera goes i'm usually smiling in pictures, but inside i'm wishing for the mini photoshoot to end i never liked taking pictures never really cared much about nice clothes
There are a million words out there. And there are words that express people. Yet, I can't find a word that expresses me. To explain who I am, how I think, and how I act. But I write a lot. And I create these characters.
I am the observant girl, Who notices behaviors and attitudes and overlooked values. The girl who has few friends, Someone who chooses quality over quantity. I am a food lover who likes to finish what’s on my plate,
We are waiting on me to discover, that being single since 1997 and being born in the same year is ok. That not owning or wearing makeup saves time and money.
no filters just me\ no valencia just sunlight\ no poses just laughter\ no likes just memories\ no followers just friends\    
I am that beautiful black girl in the top right hand corner of IHSCA's 2015 yearbook The black girl with kinky coily crurls strong featured face and no hips and no waist but beautiful in every way.
Feeling pretty?
I am a real girl. Normal as all belife. I love walking along the beach side. Dogs are my life. Her name is Zoey and she is fluffy and warm. Music is my medicine. It sooths my soul when I am down.
Disaster is written in the scars that are made from a blade. Dark circles suffocate the light inside me, and create a darkness that doesn't fade. imperfections go hard with their dance along my sensitive winter skin.
An authentic me is a doer. A go-getter. I don't live behind the lense of my camera, I am the subject of the picture.    An authentic me is a challanger.
The makeup we put on, A barrier and shield,
What am I? Who am I? Those simple questions have the most difficult answers They may seem easy after finding the answers But the difficulty is finding the answers You can make up who you are
At some point, I thought that dandelions taught me how to live.
“But you’re Asian?" Is what they said, When I told them I was bad at math. As if my race had anything to with my ability to finish your homework.   But my culture is deep,
I am love, hate, and passion Looking in the mirror and hating what I see Blood to be spilled by a knife   I am the dust of the earth, grains of salt, and green eyes Trying my best to smile
I step out the door. Then step back in. I check the mirror. Okay, I look thin. I step back out.
My insecurities cannot be concealed  in black and white. My fears cannot be masked by sepia,  and well, I'll be damned to hell if I let my sadness hide behind Kelvin,  Walden or Hefe.  
What does it mean to be myself? Who am I?
I want to write music   but I don’t know how so I write poetry         or I try…     it bores even me. little black words on a page.    
The world is colorful Our perception is often not Instead of the rainbow We live in black and white thought We catogorize, we generalize--we label each other's lives With our preset misconceptions 
I am so terribly, deathly, afraid, of what when unfiltered my mouth should say.   Do I speak such terrible truths… of honest opinions of wistful youths? Or do I lay upon such speech
Me? Who Am I? The Chic Who Smiles All The Time The One Who Stays The Same.. Offline.. Filters? Who We Are? We Cover Your Imperfections The Ones You Shouldn't Change But Appreciate Online..
I don't do the Instagram, I really think its such a sham. Why use your unrealistic filters to try to cover up all your fears.
I am N   aughty. When I am #nofilter, I eat the forbidden fruit, I hurt others and myself, I do what I'm told not to.
What do you see?
Who am I? I am me of course The little asian american girl The one with one lazy looking eye on the right And just an eye on the left Hash tag no makeup and uncurlable hair
Who am I? A person who cannot describe herself.   Who am I? A girl who is short with long legs.   Who am I? Someone who disappears rather easily.   Who am I?
Without my filter I am nothing Without my filter people would see me for who I really am Am I comfortable in my own skin? Without my filter I am nothing, or am I?
Unfiltered wordsUnflitered photosAn unfiltered worldOur flawless imperfections shineUncensoredDoes it hurt?Yes.Is it beautiful?Yes.Who are youYour wide open soul
Just who the hell do you think I am? Do you think that because you don't approve, that will stop me? I refuse to believe in someone else's bullshit.  The one path I have chosen is the truth of my world.
When I see someone taking a selfie, I get angry. Angry with them, with their camera, with our world.  We have forgotten what well spent time means. Now it's all about documentation, arrangment, image.
I'm different of course I am, why would I be the same person that walks next to me? I have no style Having no style makes me open to other ones instead of sticking to one. I'm creative
Without filter, I am free without camera, I am me I am everything that is exactly who I'd like to be Without selfie, I am self A wonder in and of itself
White, black, yellow, red.
I've been digging around my heart for answers, like an addict for a vein; collapsing inward and with every attempt, the bruis
Filter or no filter. What has this world come to? A life where we depend of social media to tell us what we are.  A life where people believe that something such as a "filter" 
I am as a dog chasing a butterfly through the grass, A baby crying for his mother to hold him, A masterpiece without a frame.   All natural with boundless opportunities,
I am more than the 4C type It does not get me where I’m going in life The kinkiness does not exemplify what I am capable of Just how I present myself out of love  
She doesn't speak to strangers, But when she's passionate she won't stop. She can't fathom fairy-tale love, But she'll care for you endlessly. She's not the prettiest, But she walks with confidence.
#NoFilter I am the curl in my hair I am the skip in my step I am the brown of my skin
Quiet, they say.
The parched paper promotesthe pen's tip to seek
It's weird isn't it? How everything that's happened to you Everything that you've done Has made you who you are. Are you strong? Are you kind? Are you beautiful?
I’ll begin with telling you who I’m not, Although, sometimes I like to smoke a lot of pot. It dowses me in a state of peace, Keeps me from transforming into a beast. Shit, it helps me see and think straight,
I slouch too much For my own good Tell me to stand straight I know I should I have nothing to be ashamed of Yet I act like I do I should listen more Try and stand true.  
Scribbled all over, pages torn outcover ripped, water damageand many pages filled with doubt,another book taken advantage.
I am Someone Who smells of freshly baked bread and cookies mouth watering comforting I want to talk with a CRUNCH
My skin is  unbelievably white. My left eye is more deep-set than my right. My body curves out more than it curves in My past seems better than what it's actually been. My faces becomes red if i speak aloud-
I tend to hide my face. The filters hide the flaws. Who am I before the filters replace? Would anyone stand in awe?  It is hard to put me in focus to truly step back and see Does anybody else notice
I am flawless My skin is brown My hair is nappy My head is big My heart is hurting My soul is crying I am flawless I am beautiful I am struggling I am finding it hard to say that i am me
Searching on social media you will not find me I'm too busy practicing all the right degrees The filters hide my fears and flaws Your half naked pictures should be outlawed Erasing the impurities from my flesh
Carrying through the wind, a soul so bright, A soul so great, you knew God made it right. Nobody could see it as it flew through the air, Nobody looked for it, because no one did care.
Ointment oozes beneath dried up makeup, hours old.   Sores,    craters,   cysts,   countless stains on what’s supposed to be   porcelain;
Strip me of my Internet personality,I am still beautiful inside and out,Strip me of my makeup and filters,I am not any less of the girl you see before you.Because it's not my filters,
I wake in the morn to apply the face I've sworn, the face known widelly for all I've acted kindly.
From today until tomorrow, years later to forever I want to make an impact that would change the world There are moments when we see the violence coming and no one is in sight to stop it
You look into the eyes, and you can see inside a soul. You look into the mind and you can see what really holds.  Imperfection is perfection. No need for any injection.  The inner beauty out shines the outer.
I told you. I finally told you.
In today's world, filters and lighting are all that matter. Mirrors and cameras are idolized. I am no exception.  I worry over what I look like before school or after dance practice.
Now, let me tell you… You will love what you see My hair, long, curly, red My smile, alluring, captivating My skin, flawless, glowing, pristine My waist, tiny My hips, huge  
There's a pair of eyes                                                                                          That can make me perfect in my eyes
You may have 20/20 vision, yet you do not see, See all the things that make up me. You see the crooked glasses, the red lion-like hair,
Confronted every day by the simple recurring question "Who am I?" For so long I defined myself By what I do Rather than who I am. When the day came that what I did stopped,  Who I thought I was
Looking back at me is not myself. She is the other. The real is visible only in the tears that fall in solitude. Recovery is a long road.
Everywhere I turn I see filters all around. Always "improving."   Everything is now made to be society's version of beauty.   Auto tuned voices and photo shopped images
No need for that filter, you look better without it. And screw that makeup too, you don't need it either. The most beautiful you is you. There's no need for disguise,
some would say that we are only skin and bones with a beating heart but the only things i see are unique people made by our one true king
With coffee in her veins
I sat with no intentions of moving.                              I slept with no desire to gain wisdom. How ironic life is… It moves on While I fail to realize What my intentions are.  
Without the sunshine light And the pearly whites Down beneath the powder And the paint Around the high fashion tights And the high heeled stripes There lives a beginner  
There's alot more to someone  other than their iphone or  instagram followers there's words, phrases,  looks, hairstyles and voice that give us no filter.  People say ugly things
when I look into a mirror, this is what I see, my reflection staring back at me. She has brown eyes and short brown hair, doesn't like the way she appears. She understands it's just a phase,
Plain me is what I am Telling everyone, Yes I can
There are things that people judge you on. My conclusion is that their opinions are wrong. All the bully's out there, no longer bring me despair. In fact, I found they judge because they've never been shown whats fair. 
See me for who I am, Not for what I think
I am not who i am;           I am not who You see;         because You do not. {You craft and mold,
I'm a girl. I'm overly emotional. I think too much. I wish for things that I know won't happen. I want things I can't have.   I'm a girl. I break down constantly.
I am surrounded
I am strong and positive I wonder when will the world end
I stand in front of the mirror and see my authentic self, portraying pure originality leaving that make-up on the shelves. I don't tilt my head a certain way and I don't dress to impress,
Limbs flailing Falling Reaching Hitting Screaching Smacked against a cold hard floor The purest center The hardest core A crystal floor unscathed by the shoes of others
Too plain Miss Jane Hair pulled up No foundation, just her natural blush.   How plain Miss Jane Eyes neutral Fair skin spotted with rose scares.   Pretty plain Miss Jane
So you wear the newest fashion, the camera flashes, but there is no passion. The color of your lips and eyes are rouse; does anyone even know the real you?
It isn’t easy For one to write about one’s self Perhaps because one watches others
There’s a box in the corner That I will not open A box full of memories Of words unspoken   This box is my past
I am for sure not the typical girl It is hard being me when society is trying to change me. Instead of getting wasted on a saturday night I would be curled up out of sight reading a romantic book.
  Take her picture
He is he, she is she, and I am me. With filters we all look the same but who are we to take the blame. we grow up desiring to be everyone else  But underneath we're just ourselves. As for me I have dark skin
Looking in the mirror you'll see something that naturally I think is horific, cheeks too wide, mouth too small, eyes although pretty in color are not big enough to stand out.
Kid from the horn of Africa, loves to run Like others he enjoys it cause it’s fun He hasn't been nowhere but his country And the nation of the U.S. with his family  
People look at me They creep through my profile pictures and my friend's tags. Judge me Say they see right through me But who they see and who I am are NOT THE SAME I have no filters
As I stumbled along my path 
Someday I'm going to try something new. Someday I'll go to a place I have never been.
God created me
Who am I? The question is so often asked. They want to know who I am.  Who is the girl behind the mask? I save my answers,  To scared for them to know,  The girl who you see, 
I was rose-colored once 
A shot in the dark An idea that just might jump start your heart A tiny spark A shot in the dark   I have no apology for my theology I need God and so do you
Who am I without a filter? What do I look like without all this glitter? What's left of me when the outside layers flee and flitter? Who, am I without a filter? I am a native girl to the Kenyan tropics.
How can I tell you who I am? Through the snap of a single square. It is hard enough when face to face, Look closer if you dare.   How can I show you who I am? With a simple crooked smile.
You see that silly girl making faces? Her tongue out, and crooked smile? Yeah, that's me.   In all my glory, With hair that doesn't want to cooperate, And Acne that's hard to cover up.
#NoFilter Camera tilts, filter change Clear walls, new photo stage Makeup, powder Pale, clean background Why use these things when I know I'm beautiful? Nail polish, clean cuticles
I am one person Yet I am also many I can take many shapes and size To fit my surroundings Sometimes I'm a gentleman And sometimes I'm a punk Do I know who I am? I am many yet I'm one.
The bridges in my mind are in numbers, crossing, overlapping. The years of before I have reached the learning of aging I had one bridge in my mind.
When people look at me they see The oh so loving, witty, outgoing,
Dreams, I wanted home girl for the longest time, But she turned around and got a new guy. I contemplated whether I should stay, Why wait, when I shoudl be living my life.  
All dressed in white I reached my palms out To the frozen metal in front of me I feel the wrought iron and knotted steel Sterilized barbed wire This is not my first experience in a cage
Every day, I see filters - Filters on photos Filters on speech Filters, filters everywhere.   But I refuse to have a filter.   Without a filter, I am me.
More contrast here  A bit of saturation there  Is this an interesting way to stare? What’s the correct stance for a bathroom pose?  Does this shirt convey my knack for prose?  It’s up to followers I suppose 
I am a product of time.   I am a product of my mind, A painful, biting prison.
I am 12 years old. My dad picks me up from swim practice chlorine hair skin - chilled leather I am staring out the window not looking at Dad the bulky quiet is suffocating me see
An undefying time yet we menace,
Who am I you ask who am I I am just like every teenager around us A teen with high and low goals  A teen struggling with the harsh reality of growing up A teen trying to succed 
Where's the photoshop for reality? I look in the mirror and I'd not rather see me
Growing up is a scary thing. As you grow up, you lose everything. My joy flies out the window. Now so self conscious,  My head's always low. My childhood seems to have disappeared, 
I am I am Lina I am blond curls, blue eyes I am daddys girl at heart I am mom's best friend I am I cry, I laugh I smile, I frown I am church girl on sunday
Who am I connected to at Christmas? What is Christmas?      The most wonderful time of the year      Season for blizzards and snow days      A special holiday for people
False Realities    All of these false promises. These fake fantasies. 
The Journey of Life   The journey we call life, Can be very eventful,  Yet, it can be very stressful.
Who am I to be, The loser of the family tree?
See I have no filter, because I declare to be remembered,
My mind tends to focus on the past; So hard that the present is often blurred, giving reality the chance to once again take its toll on my peace of mind.
I don’t wear makeup everyday.
Mom, you do not have OCD because you like clean sideboard.You are neat and I congratulate youbut you do not have OCD until your head is filled with a montage of shattering plates,bursting lightbulbs,smashing vases,
A 17 year old child applying for college, built for success, wisdom, and knowledge. A plethora of information has been deposited into him, But due to his black skin many have trained him on a whim.
i ought to tell you more but i'm too damn shy and inside i'm screaming so lound i can't believe you don't hear me
Every day i try my best not to procrasinate sometimes it seems that it is faith. Somedays it is not as bad and some days are sraight up sad. It always strikes with no holding back as if  it loves to attack.
Spoiled. You can call me anything you want But warning: you do not call me spoiled. I mean you dont even know me.
I fake a smile, And I think it looks real. I doubt that a soul Really knows what I feel. I force a chuckle, Then let out a sigh. Just a few signs
The hair dye The split ends The glasses The makeup Caked on to bad skin are just a small part of The person I am   The quiet reserved and serious I display
She is the warm sun on your cheek.   By night you say "she's so sweet".   Tomorrow she's a hurricane,   Beautiful. Strong. Deadly.   Why they say, 
Natural Hair, Natural Smile, No MakeupCall that #Nofilter just natural beautyMany will say why you look like thatYour response I just want to be me 
The eyes of the self;                                                                      Still looking for myself; Impossible to see.                                                                                But possible to try;
look at me, look at me and tell me, what do you see? Short hair and a wide smile. Glowing skin and big brown eyes. I am me. I am my father’s short temper and my mother’s contention
I was quiet and hot-tempered There is no doubt about it Quick to judge and remember It is sad to think about   This changed when I realized I needed something more  Than to be idealized
Beyond the lens, I am not perfect, I have my scars and wounds
i am beyond words and ink-stained hands because i've always thought language to be a limitation to thought  
Blink. Blinkblink. Better turn off the alarm before I wake them up. Up I go. I have no desire to look presentable today, but they will see me They will judge me What can I wear?
On my birthday I spent an hour on my makeup Made sure I had the right top Took over twenty photos And cried myself to sleep My post of myself on Instagram Got over 100 favorite  
In chasing absolution I often discover my flaws, Infinately imperfect but perfectionately infinate  I am soul, this is fact, we are divine From the foundations of the earth and the inception of time
The one who seeks knowledge, Therefore they go to college. There they must learn how to adapt,  Under pressure they might be snapped. It's a new beginning of life out there, Just like growth of new hair.
Take the grin Remove the shoes I am not hiding I've got nothing to lose For I'm just a kid Like any other I've got friends, teachers And even a mother. So what is there then
He discovers the hardcore reality of just a snap Black and white pixels all blemish free, flawless He can cover up all impurities, but is he feeling trapped? Inside a bubble full of insecurities
What's real and what is not, did you even give it a thought? what matters most is love at the end of the day lying in your grave love for humanity block out all insanity form a thought
Since I'm destined to be a coffee ground, I want to be fertilizer.   I don't exist in your bookshops or museums. I don't have a place on your TVs or radios. You'll never hear about me.
My silence means every bit
Hiding past struggles of surgery behind eyes That could shake the greatest poker player ever alive Behind these shades are pupils that my pupils won’t see The tears that masquerade as rain beneath my feet
Who am I behind the camera? What do I see when the sun doesn’t shine on me and mask my imperfections? Who am I after I spend hours editing just to cover a few blemishes?
A shy, fragile boy;Curious to see the world.Dreams he is uncomfortablesharing with the world.Not that he is afraidof their ignorant opinions,But because he doesn't want
raw aesthetics
I see me one way. You see me another way. You see me:  Short with brown hair, Thick in the legs but perfectly shaped body, A face of an angel, Pretty brown eyes and soft brown skin,
*/ /*-->*/  
I’m the terrified freshman girl in a dreamlike state
Look in the mirror, what do I see?  Without all my filters I feel vulnerable to it all. A girl who has wasted far too many opportunities, pursuing all the wrong things until she had to take that wake up call.
Shamed and confused Abandoned and abused I smile for Instagram  Only to feel like I let all my friends and family down Pose for a selfie with my friends at church
I feel as though all I have are rough days 
i’ve been
I am Authentic I don't need the right lightening, or the right edit to have my picture get 1,000 likes or hearts. I am Authentic
Without the makeup and the cars noone would notice who you are
I'm afraid of the dark A creeping sense of danger I flip on the lights There on the table Metallic in glow A skull of human proportions Box it up in cardboard Save it for another day 
I am on a journey, to find the true me Looking through all the cracks of what I can be Taking each steps carefully, trying not to fall But life is not perfect, causing me to crawl this 1525 woodcut print by Albrecht Dürer
Life something given that can be easily taken away,
What wouldn't you see, If I wern't scared to be me, With out a filter.
I came across a picture today.  A picture I never knew existed. I looked and realized it was me.  It was the answer I'd been searching for.  Around the world, high mountaintops, deep beneath the sea.
Sunset walk, exercise minus a pricey and flashy gym membership, doing yoga postures with my arms.   No iPhone, no iPad, no iPod, just i - no Phony.  
"Girls can't like sports" "Girls can't do that" "Girls can't" I can list numerous stats on different hockey players I can do a slapshot that almost rivals Chara I can play a sport that is filled with men
Behind the filter, there is a girl that is naturally introverted. She wants her picture to get 100 likes. Did she use the right filter? Was her makeup on point? She just wants to be liked.  
What you see What it is behind it all.  
My name is Ariel.  I am me. As happy as can be? Always comparing myself to others I see.
Reason beyond reason, madness within madness Swirling shapes and color Formless and hapless, bleeding forth The very essence which is life.
I have often found myself to be closed. Afraid of the world, afraid of what I don't know. To be 100% I'm never really open, not understanding my own feelings, dreams or even hopes.  
Listless Scared Anxious Depressed Feelings that are commonplace in my life
I'm the girl. I'm the girl who happens to be a minority. I'm the girl who happens to be the last child of the offspring. I'm the girl who happens to be the only child in the family left.
My natural skin tone is not Valencia or Inkwell or even Earlybird. I am not just a frozen smile on a screen I am not the dramatic, piercing blue eyes that stare blankly ahead
It's amazing how moments and days,Pass away,
In a world of other people, Who am I? In a world expectations, Who am I? So many different version of who I am Friends, School, coworkers, family I all show something different
I was in the process of looking thew scholarships that I can apply for and I noticed two so far that require you to submit some sort of pome.
I work and work, I grind and grind, Go about my day with leaving nothing behind. I train night and day like there's no tomorrow. Because the thought of failing fills me with sorrow.
Peel them off The false eyelashes that shoves glue in your eyes The fake nails that break off the moment you try to have fun One by one Wipe it off The lipstick that stick to your teeth
With a filter i am different Without a filter i am me For without a filter i am who i was meant to be Without perfect hues and perfect color But i am me, and not some other  
here i am writing
I turn my face away, gripping my cheek.   I'm sorry... I'm sorry.   I didn't mean to make you mad. I never do, I don't know how to make you happy.  
Beneath the ivory doll...  
No Filter, cause I'm finally removing my mask No Filter, I really am an asshole by nature No Filter, the real me chief on some grass No Filter, trust issue fucked cause my past No Filter, I wish I was more honest
I'm looking back and I no longer see anyone.
There are many things I'm not, but all the things I am and all my wonderful glam make me shine as bright as the sun is hot.   Because I'm DYNAMITE.  
What is the point?
Who am I? I see myself as a twenty year old Who has a habit to sometimes lie But also, whose attitude is never cold.   I am a major in Psychology And it's not so easy.
Society taught me I can be what I want to be Unless I say too much Be a lady and act as such Keep my head down and appease Everyone else and learn to please But behind the filter, beyond the mask
Thoughts come fast, Words come slow, It’s difficult to express one self, Without truly knowing yourself, Given names by others,  But not finding a name for myself, An equation with missing variables,
One thousand questions. And maybe one answer. Each day is a new adventure. Curiosity killed the cat, but fuels me. Each task I do is designed to see If I can answer one of my questions.  
My photographic anatomy consist of confident bones that deny filtered crutches My four-cornered ribs cages every spoken word
Me at my core is nothing more than a little boy Who wanted a pet dinosaur A boy who wanted to become rich and famous and become a candy connoisseur
#nofilterslam Youngest of seven, thought I was painted. I am the only one of my siblings with brown colored skin, making me quite literally the black sheep-- am I tainted?
My Instagram profile is what I choose to show you: The concert I went to Saturday night, And my bloody nose from the mosh pit.
That person behind the camera Who has black hair Who has really bad grammar Who talks with a corky flair   That person who always hides Who is a nervous wreck Who never takes sides
No filter.
When one sees me they see a girl A girl who is happy A girl who is determined A girl with a dream
I asked you what you fear. Rejection. I fear it just as much as you now.
I speak without filters, what comes to mind is said. I dream without filters, what is wanted is achieved. I see without filters, what I like is kept.  I live without filters, what I do, is what I do.
Who am I beneath the skin? Look past my work my friends even my family   I am not who I always appear to be Nor am I always what I don't appear to be   Look past my work my future
When I look at my mother Her crooked smile Fragile body Stranded hair False sense of fashion despite her youth Deteriorating through the cruelty of violence And time  
Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, Why, oh, why, can't I be tall?   Straight hair is but a fleeting dream I'm always last picked for every team   I wish I could be lithe and fair,
Authentic as this poem is it searches without much regrets   inside we find a child and more beneath fealty rugged doors   I cannot speak in every day my end is true   but in everyday I need God You
    A carefully constructed creature, made to stand in opposition to time. The fizzle, the boom, the break of day, calls to me like flesh calls to decay. I run.  
Winter has always been tinged with blues and greys.
Round cheeks Red from continuously smiling The first thing you notice Seen without even trying   Green eyes Glasses that show my world reflected Supposed to be this window
Sometimes I wonder about our generation How will we fit in with the larger population? We go through our  days hoping to be distracted And we dont stop and think about the way we acted
bags under my eyes and bad breath saggy cheeks and bad skin chapped lips and clammy hands knotted hair and torn nails these are the things that you see when you see just me  
My dear friend pick your head up  Show everyone that God-given smile Jump out of the pit of sorrow that you dwell  I assure you there are better days ahead
Will I make it  Will I ever make it to the day i can say the beautiful cliche of  "momma i made it" Will I make it Or to the day when i wont have to worry about how im going to a college of MY choice Will I make it
Without a filterI'm the redness in my cheeks from the awkward middle school years where skincare wasn't a priorityI'm the bags under my eyes from trying to balance work and school and a social life
A soiree in my head, tact and precise,
So me with no filter... Me with no mask... No biting my tongue No holding back If my words had no filter It might be sappy to say But my words would be romantic
Shame on you Filter! For hiding my little mole that I have on my left side
There is this fire inside of me The heat is overwhelming I try to extinguish it but all it ever does is burn me  
"Who I am?",  is an ever changing aspect. Out of all the people in the world I'm simply a speck. Just a grain of sand at the beach, my skin is the color of bleach. If I throw on a filter I can look sweet as a Georgia Peach.
I hold these truth self evident that I will seek perfection in being a black man That  I will achieve all
Behind these green eyes (Lies, lies, lies, lies) I mean. Behind these green eyes, Lies the secret to my asphyxiated kingdom.   I may not reveal the secret. Because Secrets are meant to break,
Without all of those special effects and techniques,  I am not afraid of any words of critiques.    I am still the same girl with the many flaws.
I Am Divinity in Motion, A Sweet, Old-Fashioned Notion,
Who am I if not what people make me out to be? Am I a liar, a cheater, or just another picture on the wall? Or am I a statistic; a lifeless number that can easily be discarded
I am enslaved, enslaved to this feeling. how could I see the light, of something great.   Always I think about it, that horrible year. Those kids made it bad,
  A perfect frame for perky porcelain cheeks created with just a small boost of contrast— just a bit it erases the dark caves under the eyes   This is important because
Tough and bubbly This is a deadly combination I put the mold on Pretty makeup and a beautiful smile No emotion and a look of attitude   What would happen if it the guard was down?
Well for starters, I am a girl Trying to understand all of life's whirls All the while, growing up with many distractions,
i built myself out of petticoats and stories and the sound of my bare feet as they hit the floor and i do not owe that building to anyone and i do not owe anyone silence   
What am I without my mask, My rod, my scepter, my queenly throne? I do not know, why don't we ask The great unknown? I lived my days behind a funhouse mirror For so long I can no longer see
selfies reflect us, right? or at least they are what we want to be seen as.   an edited face a funny pose loads of makeup a smile.   sometimes these are all
I look in the mirror I see someone I know this person but at the same time I don't It's me but it's not I see myself as the world sees me not as I see myself A pretty boy,
I am the "curl up to read four books in a day" kind of girl. Though I am no pearl, I am the "hates makeup and purses" kind of girl. Now, let it be known, That I have flown Many miles to sculpt my own
I got everything from my dad  Nothing was left out  I have got his height, his feet, His hometown, his home street, Hell, I even inherited his pout.   My brown eyes were once his 
Smile for the camera, Smile for the fans, One thousands followers on your Instagram!  
Rip off the mask on my mouth, So I can speak like no one else The way you stare makes me timid.   I wish I could live without a filter, Rather be talking about night rides
Piece by piece I keep forgetting why the human experience is so great, but I remember I used to not think this way.....  
Who am I? Away from the smart phone corrections? Do you really want to know? Are you sure? Well, I am a tree with branches that reach out to many people. People from all parts of the world.
Fine Ingredients cannot hide from a soup resturant quality, and character hide within stocks, herbs, oils, and flavor compatibility reveal the final meal edible creations, delectible, hold your mind through
My face is not my canvas I can contour I can paint I can outline I can manipulate I Cannot tell a story I Cannot move others emotionally I Cannot be studied   My real canvas
Those cameras see the person I am on the outside Friendly, determined, and moral They fail to see the person I am behind those brown eyes A man whose seen enough tragedy Experienced enough pain 
Hashtag. What's a filter? Instagram's new fad. Sorry to the conscious Praises from the claque Here's an example
You are like a typhoon
Like long standing mountains, I am weathered and flawed, Made beautiful by life's disastrous, awesome turns. I am insecure, Searching for meaning in a life I once thought I did not deserve.
Close your eyes, go into trial- full of lies in your head. Crying on the inside against the crime you just said. But you must conform and do what they want. Let the innocent mourn;
In a building a curtain is placed to cover up what is broken. Sometimes it covers what is yet to come.   With myself, a filter is used to cover up imperfections
I am a beautiful butterfly 
His eyes took my attentionThose dark sapphire eyesI want a time extentionIs it a dream or is this love?  
“Just one more” One more selfie after 95 others Only one more attempt to find their “good side” With another filter, another caption, another expression
If you really knew me you’d know i can’t pass by a mirror without pulling up my shirt, to stare at last night’s gallon of ice-cream box of cereal and bag of cookies. you’d know i have no energy
If I do not relate to you Then how could you relate to me? I am just keeping it real Getting involved with me  You must want these problems fulfill Boy your swag is tacky
I seem to kind of struggle with a thing called anxiety.
"Valedictorian" The word sings in the ear  Pierces the senses Calms the soul Stokes the fire Gives a warm hug Throws me to the ground   Am I proud?
I'm from bare feet on dirt roads, walking hand in hand to ice cream shops. I'm from scarce rain and sing-alongs and roller-skating on rooftops.   I'm from giant tents
Ending of the Final Act
Put me through pain, for that is only temporary Allow me to admire, for there I find inspiration Put me through heartbreak, so I can truly understand pain Allow me to fail, so I can discover more to admire
Regret Not The image that you are to see for that's the image that's yet to be proceeded. With every new stroke we line a greater faith that we hope to walk on the the darkest day.
I see my-self in everything you do From your smile to your laugh The way you walk as you pass on by I've seen your pain and heard your fears The cuts on your wrists They do not define you
Swirling around me, around everyone. Fear of the unknown, of what you really are.   What you don't know, is that when the waves wash over, and all that is left is you,
At 6am, I'm miserable. Time to get out of bed, move my behind, Clock in for $7.25 at the daily grind, Eight hours for this is fucking criminal.   At noon, I'm finally awake.
They say, "A picture is worth a thousand words." but what about who's in it? Or maybe what's in it? The young man typing this poem is ambitious & optimistic,
#nofliter Why must we put a label on a picture that has nothing but a fake smile and good lighting? Because behind the raised eyebrows and the plastered grin on our face
Hidden in the shadows is a great man
A reflection Millions of beams of light hit a mirror They bounce off and tell me who I am They tell me what I am to be What I am to do Who to fall in love with I lash at it and turn away  
My Beauty is defined by the amount of likes on a picture.
Makeup extracted, that was long overdue.Bobby pins release the hair it once gripped.The framed ponytail, now combed down to my shoulders.Arms slip out the sleeves that kept them from lingered stares.
Without filters, I exist in my truest form, and in my truest form is all I want to exist as.
"You are literally the happiest person I know!" "I love how I can always count on you being happy." "I swear, every time I see you, you're always smiling! It makes me happy just seeing it!"
Who am I without a glass filter? I am handsome I am ripped and adorned with muscles I am the fix for the lust of beautiful women
Sexual preference  Is not just sexual preference Is spiritual preference
It’s not me.
A flashing light coupled with a dilating lens. I hide my face with rosy cheeks, and a nervous smile
Mirror, Mirror on the wall,
I'm a dreamer I'm an achiever I speak my mind My vocabulary as wild as my imagination on most days
Not a filter in a picture, but a filter in life, My skin hides my insides, my hate, my strife. My filters only let the good shine through, so I can stand the sight of the mirror and choose,
A jester, a lover, a fighter, a brother,  I am a man of many faces. I change I flip, I jumble and switch,
i was
I'm naked,  I'm vulnerable.  Having no angle,  no light,  no control,  I'm doomed to the undenying horror of my reflection. 
I feel you there, creeping oh so silently Into my dreams you enter to awaken me oh so violently In your wakes are my regrets and my vindications And on my skin your devil's  tongue has left its lacerations
The world is just one masquerade. We hide behind masks of color. The color that disguises our true self, And makes us perfect for society. No filter shows my true self. The imperfections in my face, They are no longer in a guise.
Feeling like a spirit amongst the masses;
All those pictures they reflect who I want to be; what I want to be. That is also a part of me, but it's not all of me. This skin, this face, it's what I have to to work with,
People say I'm an angel, like I don't have a battle or needs, because I put others before me and turn my cheek to greed.   They respond that I'm an angel, like it'll stagger the emotional bleed,
Dark hair. Tall enough. Slim body and big eyes. Small cut on the left eyebrow but brow liner does the trick Mascara and a pale face Tender smile with clumsiness all around her
I am me. They see me. It disapproves. But I don't. Society shall not judge. I will not pay attention. Let the words seep in to my head, It won't be happening. No filter.
Filters mask our true faces, Travel and filters matter less in far away places. Take away all the edits, Behind all the sarcastic wit, You will find a young woman trying to make herself fit.
Art, Abandoned and angry. Alleys and attackers. Alone, Alone, Alone.   Art, Abandoned and angry. Avalanches and alligators. Alone, Alone, Alone.  
Try as I might, I cannot see why the world turns so. It seems too cruel to be true. Freedom chained, Individuality snuffed, Originality laughed at. I must be this and do that.
I am a raging storm of passion,
I am kind  but sometimes blind  to those around me i feel like most never shine oblivious to all i talk to my self but almost no one else  I am not ok with with my own being
Although I keep to myself and am very shy, they know some things about me, but they don’t know the why.   They know I am smart and creative, motivated and strong.
Without the filter You can see my flaws You can see my scars You can see it all   I get anxious without an edit Because people can truly see me See me for what I really am  
 0100011101100101011011100110010001100101011 1001000100111011100110010000001100001001000 0001100011011011110110111001100110011101 0101110011011010010110111001100111001000000
Beneath the dust-spotted filters every day life places on me,  beneath the way they blend and skew the light over and around me, 
I need that filter… Because without it you can see everything I mean everything from skin to bone So I need that filter Because without that filter it like looking at sandpaper Boring dull and ruff..soo
One picture, but so many filters,Covering every little bit of realnessand every little bit of happyness,Wanting more and more,Only to recieve less,
One white kid in the whole neighborhood All my friends spoke Spanish but still I knew the truth That every one of us wants the same exact thing To find a safe haven and to have a family  
Truth be told Sometimes I have no idea
People think filters are bad but but they're not filters keeps a good young girl from becoming a thot they keep our nasty parts inside protect us like bear hide and keep us from getting shot
In the mirror I can see, Without a doubt of certainty Someone that's just trying to be-- To simply be, And that is all we need to be.
Social Media has become our bridge to all else surrounding us,
A curtain the shade of a mirrored room
I am a red headed girl,with a freckled face,  I wear shoes that have no lace. I do not curse and  swear That's mean as a bear, Jesus is my light in a dark path, He has blessed me with math.
Small with a big attitude Accompanied by an even bigger mouth A sweet, loving smile that will quickly turn into a pout Kind of boy crazy... okay maybe a lot Can't blame me, I mean some are quite hot.
Looking in the mirror, I tilt and turn my head Searching for the angle, I'll try my hair down instead Mascara, eye liner, and lip gloss, the makeup never ends I need to post a picture to get 'likes' from all my friends
They say I'm sky high That there is a limit and I hit it They say that I'm great They think they know my fate But their promises are actually lies they make   They think I'm sky high
The world plays tricks on ours eyes, Flaws are hidden with great disguise Through filters, through lies Oh but I, Hide behind this common wall at times.   The make-up that hides every pimple,
I'm not one for drawing attention. So use a camera instead this confidence is radiant.
There's a girl in this photo, And a girl in the rain, One seems so happy, The other in pain... The girl in the photo knows she must keep it together,
Today it's too easy to get cought up pretending, You forget yourself and become a clone, Following the social rules becomes your main concern, You can't fit in on your own,  But you have to rediscover yourself.
Pinterest, tumblr, FacebookThis is not the face you saw online, but look
Social Media is a cover up
Without Filters, her voice is heard and understood Without Filters, She's not depicted as a slut trying to get attention But as just a teenage girl hanging out with friends or at her local library-
Before I had a smart phone when i had a stupid one i would take pictures if you could call them that more like fuzzy blobs with a lack of a better filter   before the insta
Behind bright white smile, is a someone not worth while, behind my uncontrollable laughter, is someone who wants to be happier, behind all the pics, is someone who makes me sick, behind what you see,
I am me, but only on days when I'm happy. Only on the days where the sun touches my skin and it doesn't burn the areas I'm scarred. 
Sometimes you have to reflect Look back to the past Take a trip down memory lane Pop some Advil because there will be pain Close your eyes and start What's the first image that crosses your mind?  
I am that poor girl whose waning hope gave birth to passion Or perhaps I am a pupeteer with a marionette by the name of "Semantics"  Some days I am the crisp morning drizzle
I hide behind an image it's me but then it's not the person I am looking at her self-esteem is shot   she hides behind the make up her hair is done just right but this isn't what I look like
Through a window you think you can see the other side
"Travel," I said. No, don't do that. "Wear what you desire," I said. No, don't do that.
Who am I? Who do I want to be? I ask myself this question daily. Where do I want to go in life? What do I want to do when I get there?
Deep within myself, Lies a being who'll never change. She'll smile when she's happy, She'll always act her age. She knows exactly who she is, Though may others don't.
I've only been authentic on paper Never have I spoken a filter-less word or acted in a genuine way. It dawns on me now how little the face I was born with is associated with the person cultivating inside me.
You cannot quell me I am a one-man revolution Built like a scorpion, Indestructable-- You can freeze me But I'll eventually Come to, Breaking free from the ice in a frigid Frenzy,
I am a walking shadow A shadow filled with scars and unhappiness The mirror shows my reflection that isn't really me Underneath my bones I am weak I am a beautiful soul
Hoping for destination, she  gropes toward brightness, across spaces like tundras.
Roses are red, Volets are blue, The feeling I share, are harsh but true.  
You can't define me with a filter. I cannot be confined to a box in an iPhone screen, I am not an object If you want to connect it takes more than liking my selfies
Hi. My name is. It's nice to meet you. Insert uncomfortable smile. Awkard eye contact. Nervous stutters like I'm on trial.  The continuingly interrupting silence makes my brain go into overdrive. 
the  most authenic version of me is the one hanging out with my friends at three in the morning  laughing                 talking
I am weaker than the common rose Fragile yet I perservere Even through all my heartache This isn't the person that everyone knows   My vulnerability gets the best of me I always trust others
Without the filters who is that girl? She is insecure but strong The filters blur away the flaws.. But the flaws are what she is composed of The flaws are what define her
let’s begi
Aloft and placid against crushing waves I stand,  but fragile am I like fresh crushed snow. Every moment threatens to become a melting point. These wedges and curves, erected like a statue against the frame of the world
The stage lights black out The music soars. The curtain falls. The crowd roars. Just take your bow. And smile wide. And shake the hands. And share your side. There were no mistakes.
The clouds sought rest on foggy broken dawn,And gentle mist brushed through his salted face.A Boy, whose gaze fixed on a distant Man,
Everybody doesn't want to see yourself  they shape the world to make it seem like it's something else I'm me you see but yet I form to become a imagination  Does that make me another face in the crowd 
I stand before you today With a confession Oh, but I don't know what I want to say
Fear rules my life All day and all night I hide behind shrouds of smiles and laughter But inside the only thing that matters, is that Fear rules my life
My Brain is boundless It's easy to get lost there. My Thoughts are an endless storm It's effortless to see unclear.  My Emotions wax and wane like waves
The richest love from deep within trapped in the catacombs and left to die Lives longer, Shines brighter, Than these tedious old lies Meant for nothing more  than to keep you satisfied
Underneath this child's bulky and chubby exterior, lies a kind and profound soul that is only seen by others in a mirror Not knowing who this boy is, the choose to laugh and laugh and judge his actions for his past
The color orange is exciting yet composed.   Still, a lack of admiration from those opposed.  
My goal in life has never been to be too loud.  I have never stood out in a crowd.  Introvert.    Standardized testing is definitely my weakness.
Words left unspoken, Killing the shadows of the night. With nothing left to give, Here we are with our hearts tied. Taken by others love, With conversations left unfinished.
Dropping I’ve said the word  I’ve pulled the trigger   Passed the point of no return    The huge mounds of snow stare at me     Cold, steel rails wait for me
I am king skinned Earth wind and fire brewed in one tanned skin That she taught me to sing and sing and sing Loud enough to reach gods ear before those rotten insecurities do With a mouth played instrument passed down a line of great lips A taste
The mirror hangs, peacefully in the room, waiting to show you, your image. A girl peers inside, a beautiful creature,
When someone looks at ME I don’t want them to just.. See   I want them to feel And to smell And to taste And to hear   I want them to surround me Engulf me, encircle, BOUND me
I am a body.
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