Girls Love Instagram


Hashtag. What's a filter?
Instagram's new fad.
Sorry to the conscious
Praises from the claque

Here's an example

So you're drop dead gorgeous
Kudos to you hunny
Whether you chase a man or a dollar
You're still money hungry.

So you try to be "independent"
like you weren't born that already
Boutique this. Virgin Hair that. That's fine
But excuse me you said you wanna buy
Nah. Better filter that.

So instead you twerk on screen
There. Something you can do
But don't tell them it comes from
Nope. Put a filter on that too

They've succeeded. You're defeated.
Filter got you looking conceited
And you're so far gone
You can't even see your inner beauty has depleted.

Once a sapiosexual now you're just sexual.
Dressing in
their clothes
their hair
Caption says. Hashtag Promoting.
Where that filter at?

All we get is filters.
All we get is hashtags.

In the news. Please. Spare me the blues

for Revenge We Prided.
How negatively one-sided.

The truth may hurt but it doesn't deserve to be hidden
Hashtag. No filter
Same thing as. Hashtag. Good riddance.


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