I Am


United States

Like long standing mountains,

I am weathered and flawed,

Made beautiful by life's disastrous, awesome turns.

I am insecure,

Searching for meaning in a life I once thought I did not deserve.

I am a girl with dreams so large that I fear my life will be over before I can live them all.

I am impulsive,

Driven by a million desires and so little time.

I am stuck in the books that I've read and the films I've seen,

In awe of the worlds created by normal people,

People who have dreamed similar dreams and seen alike things.

I am enchanted by the immense possibilities that my life holds for me.

I desire to live many lives,

To write literature that makes people feel alive,

To love family so deeply it aches,

To laugh so hard I can't breathe.

I am a person who is not weighed down by her dreams, 

But rather is lifted into infinite possibilities.

I am not the clothes I wear,

I am not my height,

I am not my shoe size,

I am not a pretty smile nor beautiful eyes,

and I am not my complexion.

I am a series of flawed likes and dislikes,

A mixture of impulsive decisions,

A cluster of magnificent dreams,

Pages upon pages of alternate, beautiful lives.

And I will dream dreams,

And I will do beautifully impossible things.

I am a prosperous inspiration for those to come.


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