Intelligence is Beauty


At age six

instead of speaking about my behavior

the teacher spoke about my weight
at the age of 11

magazines taught me beauty was defined
by the amount of makeup I wore...

the more the better!
by age 13

I was just another vogue clone
beauty isn't a part of me

I sit in an empty room

and wonder "Who am I?"

Society has us so washed up
my first answer starts sound as "smart"

Social media shows a pretty face,

makeup done and hair in place.

beauty isn't a part of me.
I am a part of 5 million

negative post tweeted by women's selfhate

intelligence and beauty just don't mix!
Beauty isn't a part of me

I searched for perfection

encounter intelligence
It's beautiful hearing

math and facts coming out of my mouth
intelligence is beauty
the mirror no longer measures me
intelligence is a part of me

but beauty is too.

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