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It's like looking into a broken mirror.

Each snapshot captures a different shard of life,

Reflects only what I want it to.

The pieces are glued carefully together and framed.


But there is more than the mirror.

There is more to the world than the reflection it gives.

I am not covered in static.

I am not tinted blue, or green, or yellow.


Fractures and spiderwebbed cracks dance across the mirror.

Get close enough to look through and

There I am behind it, the artist who's painted every picture you've seen.

I'm reciting the reasons why I don't need other people's validation.


I'm staring at the mirror.

I'm dancing or singing or drawing or writing

Or maybe I'm just staring out the window in thought

None of these moments fit in the frame.


It is a fractured mirror.

Get the camera out and the stage is set.

The fleeting seconds are gone

And I take off the stage paint, revealing nothing more than myself.



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