Simply Me

The makeup we put on,

A barrier and shield,

Going to the beauty salon,

Concealing until we are gone.


A world of of smartphones,

Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram,

We see ourselves as the perfect clone,

A version of ourselves we share alone.


I don't buy into it.

Blemishes, scars, beak-like-nose,

They can't cover my wit.

I don't hate them one bit.


I may decide to make a funny face,

Cross my eye and scrunch my lips.

Sometimes I need a change of pace,

Finding my own form of grace.


Who am I?

Artist, Musician, Scientist

I love to watch movies that make me cry

I hate having to be the bad guy.


I don't understand why I need to change,

For him, her or you.

To you I might be acting strange,

But keeping it inside isn't something I can arrange.


I am simply me,

Smart, crazy, creative.

But you know the biggest key?

I don't need filters to feel free.





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