I Found Me


I came across a picture today. 

A picture I never knew existed.

I looked and realized it was me. 

It was the answer I'd been searching for. 

Around the world, high mountaintops, deep beneath the sea.

I shed a tear as I realized I found....myself.

There were many different people, many different scenes

and therefore many different versions of me.


But the true me isn't the one with the most likes, traveling the world. 

Or the most dolled up.


That me is too uncomfortable, trying too hard to reach an image that could never be satisfied.


The real me is still beautiful. 

You might not see it right away... or even understand why I choose her...

but I can. Because I know myself. I understand. I like that me. 

She has her makeup on, and her hair might be curled [if it didn't turn out naturally satisfying that day].

She's in a comfy pair of jeans and a sweater and her riding boots.

She walks with her head slightly down and a smile on her face out of love and humility.

She is at peace and happy, out in the country.

Doing what she's passionate about. Surrounded by the ones she loves and new friends.


Looking at that picture. 

The one I didn't know was taken. 

The one that caught me in an unknowing moment. 

The one I randomly found over a year later after 

traveling the world,




....I found me. 






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