A Boy At My Core


Me at my core is nothing more than a little boy

Who wanted a pet dinosaur

A boy who wanted to become rich and famous and become a candy connoisseur

A boy who dreams big and believes that he can grow wings and soar

Reality at times makes him sore

But his imagination keeps him from ever getting frustrated and bored

Maybe he’ll finally pull off whatever it is that he wanted to do

Maybe he’ll finally get his big score

Cause that boy is going to do what he loves so his job won’t feel

Like a prolonged chore

This boy lives inside of me

And he always turns up to remind me of the right path

Like a light beam, I got to go to where I can see and be seen

After that I can finally re-believe and grind to achieve what was always meant for

The pristine and those who were born to receive

And spread the acquisitions amongst those who were never put in a position

To even make it out their apartment kitchen

My core and me are one in the same, and we are both swimming in the human aquarium

Trying to become affluent humanitarians

I don’t like filter because filter is just unnecessary filler 

Another killer of what’s real and another dealer

Of what’s fake

Instagram is just a slice in the cake

Another letter in the sequence from A to Z

Just one pie in the bakery

But as for me

I’m trying to decide what to call my new dinosaur buddy


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