Kisses that chase wishes


Kisses that chase wishes by Katelynn Wilson.

Little girl big attitude blonde curls framing my face bouncing around as I tuck my baby dolls into bed, my mama is my best friend my daddy he's my hero.
They stand there together and I look at them like they're the ones who make the stars shoot across the sky so I can blow kisses of wishes to chase them.
But they won't tell me those wishes die. They don't actually kiss those racing stars.
It's not until you have the Daddy that leaves you and the mommy who feeds you, do you realize that little girl with a big attitude shows the world the absence of her dad on the calluses of her hands.
Those baby dolls have turned into a brother and a sister who just don't quite understand. As she tucks them in at night she reminds them to watch for the stars that shoot across the sky because if you blow kisses of wishes at them they just might come true.
It's a shame that little girl with a big attitude let it leave her because when she finds a boy who tells her he loves her and that those bouncy blonde curls make her beautiful she will believe him, and when she looks into his blue eyes giddy with the feelings of a teenage girls first kiss, confusing lust and love drowning in these emotions of hoping this will last forever.
It's not until he shares that picture with the locker room and she loses her best friend because apparently, they were dating does she realize she went looking to be loved and he knew it and he used it.
Who would have thought she would trust another blonde but what do you believe it if I told you that old soul saved her. Keys of the blues played on that front porch while the sun set and the Win-chime sang taking her to a place that helped her to another day.
When that little girl meant that brown haired boy he reminded her she had a big attitude and he loved it.He reminded her how her dad could still be her hero because even though she fell abandoned and had to harden her heart he still loved her.
That brown hair brown eyed boy told her he could see the love of her mother in her smile he promised her forever and she wanted him to meet her dad. He rekindle the fire that once burned in her eyes and when he holds her he tells her of the great things she will do and as she falls asleep she remembers to blow kisses of wishes to chase the stars that he shoots across the sky at night. 
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My family


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