Through the Clearest Window

Sat, 12/06/2014 - 12:14 -- JaiLit5

Through a window you think you can see the other side

Little do you know, there is a crack in the glass

This crack distorts even the simplest of views. 

We do not realize, that the best view

comes through a clean window.

If there was a crack in my window,

you wouldn't see the shades of red in my hair

I wouldn't look human without pink spots on my face

If no one ever saw my freckles, how would they know who

I am when I don't feel up to putting on my makeup face? 

If I always looked perfect, would people still like me

when they did meet me face to face the first 

time? Through a clear window we

are allowed to see our imperfections and 

show how imperfectly perfect we are just being

us. Without the filters, we can all see how beautiful

we are without additives. I would much rather see my not

perfectly colored self, that way I can see how much I've really 

changed for the better. I want to see this change in others so that 

We can all see how humanly imperfectly perfect we are. 

So clean your window and show the world how 

BEAUTIFUL we ALL are without it.


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