Focusing on Myself Through the Lens of My Own Perspective


In the lens of a camera, you will see

An altered version of the real me:

An angled frame,

Hair that is tame,

And anything else that shows off my "game".

But in the lens of my soul, and the frame of my mind,

The true spirit of me is what you will find:

A heart filled with goals,

A passionate soul,

Unusual qualities that make me so bold.

If my soul was hash-tagged, you would read:

#dreamer, #unusual, #IAmFree.

But by being myself, society tries to filter me;

They say to be yourself, but, to me, it seems

That when you show the being that you truly are,

You are placed in a cell behind locked bars.

My reality does not match the norm;

I am different, an outcast, a swirling storm.

But I am not afraid to be myself.

I am not worried if I don't impress anyone else.

I sometimes take pictures, and I like to look my best,

But I don't need a selfie to earn others' respect.

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