she is beautiful in her own way,

she’s a size ten, and acts like a two

she’s flirty, smiles and hugs around

she’s smart, brilliant some would say

she wear’s dark purple and black

and a sundress when the sun’s bright

she sasses her teachers, but does her work

she sings opera and listens to hard rock

 she never swears, but her words can bite

she goes to church, loves God

but she has a wild side that never breaks through

she would love to sneak out at night, but can’t

she reads in her spare time, or plays piano

but she loves the politically incorrect

she knows what she wants,

she likes the boys with skinny jeans and tattoos,

piercings on their lips, dyed hair

but also loves boys who wear slacks and sweaters

she say’s “whatever” about her grades,

but refuses to get anything below a B

she works for what she has, never goes the easy way

she is happy all the time, I’ve never seen her cry

but she cries, deep, vomit inducing sobs

sobs that leave her exhausted on the floor

but she refuses to let anyone see

she must be perfect, obsesses over every mistake,

wants to have fun, but perfection stops her

she loves to wake up early

the early morning sun is her favorite to see

but she loves the stars

she walks with confidence

she intimidates those who admire her

she apologizes constantly 

she hates judgmental people

she’s fiercely protective of her family and friends

she will knock down any wall in her way

except the ones people don’t see

she’s funny, her sarcasm is endless

she’s kind, honest but closed

doesn’t let very many people see

 how truly broken she is

she prefers music over people

and prefers fiction over reality.

She is beautiful, not just outwardly,

but her soul- her twisted, broken,

loving, tender, beautiful soul.

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