365 days of Strong


Will to love the wrong person

Their ugliness never seems to bleed

Everything mean is only a diversion

A diversion from seeing everyone's beauty

Giving everyone a smile became a sudden duty


Regardless I am sad or down

Camoflage became a gift

Smiling all the time makes people want me around

Seeing people blue

Shred the little sanity

I began to wonder what if that's me too?


Cold and mean on the inside

Warm and jolly on the out

Such feelings don't stay but glide away

Making people feel better heals my broken fragments

Loved the most is a great achievement


I am strong and wise but so young

Everything I been through has harden my spine

No evil spite can bring me to being "undone"

A pretty canvas with millions of warm colors

In between each tint is a magnificent shade of brilliance

With this I have many by a collar


My words, sheer elegance and intellect

Purposeful, wise, valid and genuine

Out of my mouth, sparkles of astute dialect

The need to succeed is the engine fuel

Negativity converted to positive is used as a tool.

Another year, another 365 days of strong

Soul intact, mind and body still moves along

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