Social Liar

Sun, 01/11/2015 - 19:30 -- Jaytdog


On my birthday

I spent an hour on my makeup

Made sure I had the right top

Took over twenty photos

And cried myself to sleep

My post of myself on Instagram

Got over 100 favorite


Sometimes at school

When people ask me how I feel

I’m used to telling them I’m fine

Something programmed in my mind

Because fake sympathy is worse

Than lying to myself every day

My post about how great I feel on Tumblr

Got over 100 notes


In the morning before I go in the shower

I make a point to grab every point on my body

Over swelled with skin I call fat

My jeans squeeze my thighs

And my shirt hides my bulging stomach

My post of my outfit on Facebook

Got over 100 likes


But sometimes I wonder who I am fooling

With posting picture all the time

And pretending I’m okay when I’m not

I’m more than just a commodity for others to admire

I’m more than a happy girl who cries too much

I’m more than the façade I put on to get approval

If you lie to people enough they will believe it

But I can never hide the truth from myself

My post about how I’m sick of hiding on Twitter

Got ignored



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