The first hint of laughter

The joyful glint in their eyes

Their first step and fall

The first tear that rolls down their soft new cheek

Will be lost without you


The blood coursing through their veins

The inhale and exhale of life that flows 

with every breath that they take

It is lost without you


Their first cry for help

The same kind you had when you first found out

This thing, this FIRST thing

Growing inside of you

What do you do?

Keep or take away?

Love It or hate it?

All of it is lost without you


All of the firsts you had

You have a chance to experience again

With a child you helped make

Are you just going to give up?

Send it away or "forget" completely


That is not your decision

You are not the child's sole creator

You do not get to pick and choose

Do not play as the deciding God


You made a decision

Now live with the consequences

Love and care for the result of your actions

For they are lost without you


This poem is about: 
Our world


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