I Am Making a Better Me

I am tall

I am handsome

I am white

I am strong

I am male.


I have a girlfriend

I have no dad

I have no family

I have a job

I have a car.


I have hurt people

I have made people feel small

I have pretended I don't care

I have ruined a life

I have many regrets.


I have learned to forgive myself

I have learned to forgive others

I have learned to think for myself

I have learned to have an open mind

I have learned to love people.


I know I can do amazing things

I know I can help others do amazing things

I know I can make the world better

I know I can use my talents for good

I know I can create happiness.


I will not intentionally hurt people ever again

I will not tell myself I am not worthy

I will not let other people despair

I will not run from my fears

I will not ever stop trying.


I will get my diploma.

I will get married.

I will start a family.

I will stay with the people I love.

I will be the best example.


I will be fearless.

I will advocate peace.

I will mentor beginners.

I will show others how to love themselves.

I will love my life.

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