Who am I really?


Well for starters, I am a girl

Trying to understand all of life's whirls

All the while, growing up with many distractions,

Living with the world's endless factions,

Ranging from dirt poor to global billionaires,

With all classifications stemming from money to technological advances,

And everyone fighting to dance their best dance


I have grown up in this universe,

This hell of a curse,

That not even prince charming, can come and save the day

And bring happiness our way


Behind the world's technological advances lies the root to our world's problems

And it isn't people lying about, wishing their problems would disappear, saying, "Somebody will solve 'em."

The people that say that are the people who have nothing better to do with their lives that go on Facebook and whatever other useless websites

Because our society has conditioned us to interact through social media, not like it was in the old days,

When people would talk to one another face to face, and not hide their feelings, talk with no fear, despite what they had to say


I am shy

And I do like to hide, for God knows why

I used to think because I was a triplet I didn't need anybody else but my brothers, that nobody would get my humour, that I was a robot

That because we were always together people thought of us as one,

But over the last couple years we've branched out and shone people we aren't the same

We have different ambitions and ideas of fame


Life is about loving yourself, flaws and all,

And not hiding those flaws because everyone falls





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