What you see


Once more I try,
I play pretend, I won’t deny.
The angles are all wrong now…
The filter will lie to thine eye,
It does not show the light within my heart only the light upon face
And the shadows within the lens cannot expose or comprehend
The dark I’ve been through or the bonds I’ve had to mend.
Black and white is simple. Black and white is friend.
But I am not just simple, so why do I pretend?
A collage of still images with effects strewn over could never display me like art in a gallery.
The girl with the flaws is me.
The girl with the tangled hair and freckles is me.
The girl with the scars is me.
Beauty is judged,
The filter hides the key,
But how can you judge the person, just by what you see?
What hides behind the filter? What hides in me?
Who am I?
Tell me what you see.

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