Behind Society's Lens

In the lens of society,

pefection is what we seek.

We strive to be flawless,

and show off a perfect physique.


Social media is the culprit,

for what we think and do.

It alters our judgement of others,

blurrying our camera's view.


Behind the dust and dirty,

our true selves lie within.

Too scared to free ourselves,

too scared to show our skin.


Me, I am a victim.

A prisoner of our online jail.

But when free I am a survivor,

and long to free my veil.


I am truly intelligent,

nice, kind, and strong.

I'm honest, brave, and respectful,

and admit it when I'm wrong.


I'm proud of who I am,

and learn from my mistakes.

I've learned our society cannot be real,

so I can't wait untiI I awake.












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