An Ode from the daughters of Philip


The veil has been lifted the masquerade is over; Alone I have prevailed                        Deserted is the world once filled with life. Below me I see a sea of you.
I maneuver through the world that was meant for multitudes. They say “What is it that separates me from you”?

You are like your world, selfish; unlike me
I am kind and unconditionally caring
You can't tell truth from fantasy;  You've been molded to believe that perfection can be achieved
I live in reality where vibrant colors can’t be manipulated
You criticize and overlook the beauty that surrounds you; you wouldn't know purity if it was in front of you.
I welcome imperfections and recognize artistry
You are ruled by the "look at me" and, the "what will he and she say"?
I am deaf to the murmurs and ruled by my heart
You belong to your world, your master, your lover to whom you submit surrendering your integrity.
I am life, strength, I am free

When the sea of fish stir to the bottom into the abyss you will go. Never testing, never knowing fact from foe. A distorted image of reality covers your eyes and corrupts your soul. We were brought to a world perfect beyond compare it is your turn to undo the veil that has been cast upon you.

                                                                                              - Carina Rodriguez

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Our world
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From the depths of my agonizing heart I write about the world as I see it. I don't agonise for myself , but for humanity. My poem is about my uniqueness in a selfish world. Like the daughters of Philip I also struggle to open people's eyes about the consquences about their selfishness. Humanity is self-destructing because of its fasination with self-absorbtion and perfection; all this blinds us to see the beauty that is in the real world.

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