So Much More

Athletic, studious, quiet

To some, I am plain

Funny, ditzy, and very determined

To others I am insane


I have an opinion-

A strong one, in fact-

That some may never hear

Because my stupid filter

Whispers to me

“Oh they don’t care, my dear”


Without my filter

Without my walls

I say what’s on my mind

And it may sound crazy

Or weird or stupid

But hey, at least it’s mine


My mind is always racing

With thoughts

My mouth filters out

But sometimes,

I ignore my filter

And get the chance to shout


I shout about

My love for volleyball,

Despite the bruises and floor burns

I shout about

My love for French-

A language I will, one day, learn


I shout about

My fear of birds

And trust me I know it’s bizarre

I shout about

My fear of parking

Next to another car


I shout about my past

And I shout about my future

And in doing so

I now know

One thing is for sure:


Without my stupid filter

I am so much more

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