Snap. Here it is. A representation of who I really am.

No "Valencia", "Lo-Fi", "Inkwell."

No adjustments in Brightness, Contrast, or Saturation.

Just me, simply me.

My hair is messy and curly, falling over my bare face spotted by little kisses from the sun that some call freckles, giving me an hour of free time that I didn't waste straightening my hair. An hour of free time to be outside, just me and the sun enjoying each other's company, without anyone to impress but the grass my barefeet are now meeting.

No kissy faces, or typical soriority girl poses, but laughter bursting from my mouth and genuine happiness shining from my eyes. My quirky open-mouthed smile and closed eyes from laughing too hard to keep it together from something my brother just said.

No skin tight dress with heels, but a big t-shirt with a stain of Rocky Road ice-cream that I just spilled on myself while feeding into my absurd addiction of watching cheesy and non-realistic chick flicks that manage to make me laugh and cry at the same time.

No alcohol-induced happiness, but a candid love for life. Not getting captured by a camera lens with another person on the other side, but forgetting everything around me as I'm water-color painting a map of the world and getting lost in thoughts of wanderlust while pastel blues and pinks cover my hands.

No cropping, editing, or borders.

Nothing to minimize or change.

Perfect through imperfection. A beautiful mess.

I'm the best version of myself when there's #nofilter.

Just me, simply me.

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