Epiphanies At Seventeen


When it all comes down

To a few simple words

Am I just a girl in her room

Reading a book to pass the afternoon

A scientist with her head in the clouds

Or a violist wishing to be heard by the crowds

All I know is the song of my heart

Thumping with a desire to broadcast my talents

Yet my brain screaming to let nobody know

That this young woman 

With her panic attacks

Her blotchy face

Her freckled nose

Just wants to be loved



Reminiscing on her past

Fairy tales and a whole new world

A little girl wishing to one day be

A shining star

A light for all to see

An inspiration to many

A head full of dreams

Someone so brave

And a spirit so free

How could she face that little girl now

And tell her she is unsure of all the wishes

All the hopes and dreams that little girl had

Is all but just a memory

Of days gone by



 I pick up my head and sigh

After closing the book that reminds me of my youth

And it strikes me that I now know

I have and will always be loved

There are friends who are worthy of

My love and trust

But I know who I am

I may be a speck of dust

On an Earth filled with all kinds of people

Whether a friend or a lover

A sister or a scientist

I will and will always be




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