I Don’t Even Like Instagram


Life is full of filters:
Filter what you say,
Filter what you do,
Depending on 
Why, where, when, how and who
Why hello grandmother, 
your looking lovely today
What do you want bitch?
I told you to stay the fuck of my way!
(just kidding)
I only say that stuff in my head
filters, remember?
I don't really tell people
when I want them to be dead
You see filters are a fact
a definition of interaction
defined by your intentions
and only invisible through inaction
It's unconscious
the little things we do
-dress like that in public
-talk like this if I'm with you
We're always applying filters
whether we like it or not
it just comes so naturally
without consideration or thought
So you really want to know 
what kind of person I am?
It's a but more complicated;
If I am to be an honest man
If I don't like you I'm a bitch.
If your my friend I'm quite the card.
I mix with relatives without a hitch:
Lying really isn't all that hard.
My guy-friends think I'm lazy,
but that's just me being one of the guys.
if you took a look at my grades
they would say so otherwise!
My family thinks I'm saintly
and I am as far as they know.....
but If they knew of my deeds (or sexuality)
that respect would surely go.
With my the dudes I play heavy metal.
With my brother I play techno.
When I'm with the girlies from my team
we play songs straight from the ghetto.
So am I me, unmasked, untainted
when there's no one to consider;
Surrounded by me, myself, and nothing else
when nobodies there to constrain or hinder?
It's just so hard to pin down
any one person's personality
When every situation has a diffrent filter
and when there's such multiplicity
Perhaps all of my passions
would be more helpful to consider
instead of looking at my diffrent interactions
where juxtaposed they seem off-kilter 
I love the messiest of arts
I have the sweet tooth of a child
I'm into every water sport, thus:
I'm my best when wet and wild
I work out every day
but I'm no athlete of the year
I love the dark and crawly things
and yet being tickled is my greatest fear
I have a love for video games,
reading, writing, and quite obviously
i love the works of Doctor Suess
and his song-song style of poetry.
But that doesn't tell you who I am
we are defined by how we act.
and yet this wouldn't be nearly so long
if it were as simple as simply that.
We are a diffrent person to anyone
whom we wish to be a diffent person to.
But just because there's no single version of myself
that does not mean they are not all true
We are defined by how we act
But we are the tinters and the tilters
So while we act in so diffrent many ways
we are thus defined by all our filters.


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My family
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this was REALLY good. Awesome job


Throwing it out there, majoring in graphic design, made the image myself. (I would hate people thinking I got it off google) 

Nerd Lady

Damn, that's about as Raw, Uncut and un filtered as it gets, nice. 

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