"I Am From"

Fri, 02/20/2015 - 13:02 -- ShaBa97


I am from the screams of the silent

Who has fantasies of living lavish 

But too poor to buy it.

I am from the slow beats of a drum


I am from the unknown

Who lives with a dysfunctional family

That never grows.

I am from the roots of Bob Marley

Reggae, soca party.

I am from the deep voice that lays within the Earth

Swaying swiftly throughout the air

Waiting to rebirth.

I am from the unspoken

Words only lurking.

I am from the womb of a squalor

A seed of a dead beat father.

I am from the voice that is ready to break free

No longer chained by society.

....I am from 


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