Altering Reality.



This generation is flooded with lies.

Hiding behind illusions.

What are you so afraid of? 

What do you have to prove?

Who do you have to prove it to?

Why hide who you truly are?

Is it something someone said?

Is it something someone did?

Do you know how beautiful you are? 

You just need to be loved more. 

You just need to love more.

You hide behind that online mask. 

I choose not to hide, I am unafraid. 

If I can’t be loved for the truth, I rather not be

It’s easy to love someone at night.

It’s hard to love someone the morning after.

I understand your confusion, It’s society’s fault.

We are bred to judge, to fuel the hatred.

It spreads like wildfire, leaving nothing in its wake.

Stop living your life on the internet.

It doesn’t mean a damn thing.

I rather make a lasting impression on real lives.

Instagram does not define you, unless you let it.

What will those likes mean in ten years? Nothing.

What will those comments mean in ten years? Nothing. 

Put the phone down, and tell someone you love them. 

Don’t text it to them, really let them know.

One day you might wake up a day too late.

You can’t just push a button and alter reality.

That is why I chose to be unfiltered. 


J.A. Lynch



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