In chasing absolution I often discover my flaws,

Infinately imperfect but perfectionately infinate

 I am soul, this is fact, we are divine

From the foundations of the earth and the inception of time

with the breath of life we rule the cosmos in mission and reverance 

And the very light of God shines thorugh

I am oppressed,  a walk of life, studied in hopes of repression and extinction 

but to do so would cause the earth to stand still, its remaining inhabitants like pillars of salt to waste in the wind like dying wished and broken promises

I am faith in man, from God, knowing that he has done a good thing but evil must take place to sift the the sheep from goat in the day of judgement  

I am revalation of time in reckoning and benevolance therefore beware my fathers coming

I am africas gold, Hallelujah -


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