Warm coats of sugar

Grab a strainer, filter or sieve

Cover those ugly scars

God forbid they see

Who you really are


I’m not supposed to show my quirks

I’m supposed to make them think I’m cool

“Oh, I don’t look like my picture?”

Who the fuck am I trying to fool...-_-


I’ll tell you who I am

Without a sieve to spread my worth

You’ll see the chunks, the grains and pebbles

Because I’m not flour or talcum; I’m earth.


I actually don’t want to run and play

A book and a cheesecake are all I need

This body and act are just for show

I’m a “fat-as-fuck” nerd underneath


I’ve played all kinds of sports

And yeah I can be good at them

But competition’s not my thing

I have other precious gems


I like to work-out and run

But I do it just for me

It’s personal -not competitive-

And it makes me feel free


I’m not the typical teen

I actually like going to school

Learning is my passion

But I tone it down because it’s “uncool”


If I could only eat bread every day, I would

But lo and behold there’s other food

So catch ya later cheesecake, and rolls, 

If I ate you forever, it would be lewd


People think I’m a nice guy

Well at least they got that one right

But you know… I can still get mad

I’m kind, but I can still fight


If I find lonely fifty dollars on the floor,

I’m keeping it…its mine

I won’t turn it in

Finding cash is not a crime


But if you dropped a bill of fifty

I’d stop you in your tracks

I’d pick it up, dust it off

And then I’d hand it back


I believe in karma

What you get is what you’ve given

I try to give my best

To better my life’s position


I’m actually a creative person

I love to sing, write, build and color

The art’s just for me though

I don’t like to show others


I sound Ok so far right?

I haven’t confessed any crime

I’m not coffee

So then why do I filter all the time?


What am I trying to hide?

What am I trying to show?

It’s the thing we all fear

And that I know…


We fear being judged

We don’t want to look bad

We’ll coat ourselves with sugar

We’ll pretend that we’re glad


Well if I take my sugar coat,

And hang it on the wall

You’ll see the thing I wear

Says I hate filters most of all


Like a woolen coat or mask

I put my filter on

But it doesn’t really mean

My authenticity is gone


The mask that we wear

This coat that we despise

I don’t want to put it on

It isn’t me. It’s full of lies


But like a coat, it’s necessary

It protects us from the cold

It covers up our weaknesses

So certain strengths we can withhold


So now that I took my filter off

And you’ve seen a bit of me

I’ve got to put it on again

A person I must be


A person with a hidden truth

Like every person is

A truth much too big

To fit through the holes of a sieve

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