no likes, no comments, just you

Dear those who let social networking control your self confidence. You are beautiful.

Crazy, with no filter I’m pretty much the same
The exact same girl behind my Instagram name
It’s me above those captions
It’s me receiving those likes
Yet somehow I always choose
Vintage, black/white, there’s so many types
More saturation here, added warmth there
Don’t forget to crop that part out
As if anyone even would care
Me without a filter is pretty clear it is
No tweaking or fixing, it’s just me
No pretty lights in the background
No filter is who you should see
It’s the girl you should meet
The one you should get to know
Take away all the lauding comments
Besides, it is just for show
Strip away the added; see what there is left
#nofilter, literally
Dear darling where is your depth?
Why hide behind pretty colors
And be cropped with decorative frames
Do you not know the beauty you hold
Without filter and made up names
Don’t worry about your followers
Or how many likes you get
You let friends and unknown people judge your beauty
Have you not come to the real conclusion yet
When you were born, you were made clear
No fish eye or contrast added here
Why do you have to see only what your likes portray
God made you beautiful automatically in every way
Why must you listen to the comments
Do they know what they’re talking about?
God sees you as perfect with filter?
Oh no. Without
So me without no filter is how God looks at me
Managing to be worth the picture still, perfect; imperfectedly

This poem is about: 
Our world


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